Gabe Newell: Half-Life Alyx "Created a Lot of Momentum" To Make More Single-Player Games

Valve hadn't made traditional SP games for a long time until Half-Life Alyx, and its success has made the company consider single-player games again.

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-Foxtrot731d ago

Yeah a single player game only a small minority got to play

I don’t know why they can’t give us both with the resources they have

They are that one company that could do a standard version like traditional HL games and a one built up for only VR with how much money they take in

Neonridr730d ago

I still think the game itself would have been rather lackluster if it was a flat experience. I'd rather them give us these VR experiences on their own but then also develop standard games as well.

-Foxtrot730d ago

Not really

The HL games have been fantastic, even down to the fan remake of the first game

People like that type of gameplay along with a good story and being in the HL Universe

Do a traditional HL game with this and it would be great, it wouldn’t get shit reviews because its not a VR game

Both fans are content, no one is left out and everyone gets to enjoy the game

You can’t have this as a separate VR experience after what they did with the overall HL story, something that directly relates to Episode 2 and Half Life 3. It would be unfair to get it Half Life 3 and go “oh you don’t understand what’s happened? Tough shit you should have bought a VR set to play Alyx”

Neonridr730d ago

@Foxtrot - I don't think you understand. The game itself, while awesome being completely set in the HL universe , was designed around VR. Puzzles, Interactions, Combat, etc. Changing all the sequences and interactions to simply press X to hack or press square to reload would take away from the actual experience. Everything that was so special in VR would become just like any other shooter. Why not have HL VR and HL3? Do you get upset when PSVR only titles release too?

-Foxtrot729d ago (Edited 729d ago )

But if you want that experience then you still have the VR main game

They could easily replace the puzzles and the like with something new, it’s not hard especially not for Valve

All I’m seeing here is “it shouldn’t get a traditional version later down the line because I don’t want you to”

“Why not have HL VR and HL3? Do you get upset when PSVR only titles release too?”

If it was a spin off with new characters I wouldn’t care but because it literally sets up Half Life 3 it’s unfair on people who can’t play it. How can you say “and HL3” when I’m order to understand HL3 you need this game

PSVR only titles?

No I don’t because Sony is retarded enough to do a VR only game you need to play to understand the next standard non VR game

Not like they’d do Horizon Dawn Forbidden West as a VR only game and then have the next game back to normal

Neonridr729d ago

@Foxtrot - fair enough, I can see your side, it's not like I don't understand where you are coming from here. I just think that the world is big enough for both types of games. You are also saying that a VR created title should get a 2D version down the line because "you say so". I dunno, that's up to Valve I guess. Maybe they will make a flat version for you later.

fr0sty729d ago

Quit your whining, the good sales Alyx enjoyed are the reason why HL3 might actually become a reality. This article is proof they had lost faith in single player experiences.

TakeTori729d ago (Edited 729d ago )


What are you talking about? Shit reviews? Half-Life: Alyx has a 93 on metacritic. Because its' amazing.

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thecodingart729d ago

The comments in the article do not make any sense driven from the lack of a true user base (or potential user base) backing this game. It's silly to see out of all the success in the industry from actual selling games, this is what drives them back to consider making new games 🤔. Yeah Gabe, we believe you.

StoneyYoshi729d ago

"it literally sets up Half Life 3 it’s unfair on people who can’t play it. How can you say “and HL3” when I’m order to understand HL3 you need this game"

How does a story that takes place 5 years before HL2 set you up for HL3? I haven't watched or played Alyx so I'm not aware of the story's outcome but I know the timeline. All I heard was they hinted to HL3 in the game and had some fan service in the game.

Rocketisleague729d ago

Well sir, you better stay out of the articles

Rocketisleague729d ago

They're successful enough that they don't really care about games outside of something that really interests them. They are going for innovation and whatever the devs want to work.

They don't operate like Sony out only for revenue. They already get enough money from.steam.

I wish i got a half life 3, but also as a software dev i totally get the lack of.interest in making the same thing over and over.

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boing1729d ago

Alyx created a lot of momentum inside the studio for more single player games. This headline makes Newell sound like a dick and Alyx like second coming of Jesus Christ that will save single player games.

Rocketisleague729d ago (Edited 729d ago )

No it doesn't. They aren't interested in making games that aren't innovative anymore, they've stated it multiple times. Alyx, is inspirong valve to try again

VR has been a completely mixed, not many have done it justice, half life alyx is a game that really proves it can be great and provide a different experience to last gen games

garos82729d ago

but single player games are dead we keep being told