GameSpot: Prince of Persia Review

GameSpot writes: "In many modern games, you rain death upon your enemies; how refreshing, then, that your main task in Prince of Persia is to breathe life into a darkening world. That doesn't mean that the forces of evil aren't on your tail in this open-world platformer, but the most indelible moments of this enchanting journey are uplifting, rather than destructive. Similarly, the latest iteration in this long-running franchise is a rejuvenation for the series, and it's an ambitious one, offering up a new titular prince and casting certain game traditions aside in favor of player immersion. And for the most part it succeeds, eliminating illusion-breaking mechanics like game-over screens and long loading times in the process. This re-imagining comes with a few caveats, however, and if you're a longtime series fan, you'll quickly discover--and possibly resent--that Prince of Persia is, far and away, the easiest game in the series. But if you can clear your mind and let the game's magic wash over you, its easygoing joy and visual beauty will charm you into forgiving a sprinkling of flaws."

The Good:

* Intricate level design
* Beautiful art direction
* Platforming is entertaining and looks great
* Cinematic combat moves are cool to pull off and impressive to watch
* Elika's presence leads to unique gameplay mechanics

The Bad

* Really, really easy
* The new prince isn't a good leading man
* Some combat and platforming annoyances.

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