IGN: Shaun White Snowboarding Head to Head

An officially-licensed snowboarding game featuring the appearance and design collaboration of Shaun White, Gold Medalist in the 2006 Winter Olympics. IGN compares the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii versions of the game.

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jack who3697d ago

1:02 teh cell was rapeeeedddd bu bu bu b u bu bu teh cellll

Craig David3697d ago

I think the Wii version actually looks better than the Ps3 version and I'm not surprised, cause I can tell you now, The Conduit on the Wii looks better than Resistance 2.

Captain_Sony3697d ago

Sorry dude but Wii could never match the PS3 in terms of power. You might like the art style more but the PS3 version trumps the Wii on a technical level

Product3697d ago

Cap you didnt notice his sarcasm?