The Medium Interview: Bloober Team talks Xbox Series S power, Game Pass, and new-gen challenges

With Xbox Series X|S about to get its first proper console exclusive, The Medium dev Bloober Team talks about how the studio has accomplished this achievement.

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InUrFoxHole181d ago

Good read. I find his comments about game pass interesting. Day 1 for me.

moriarty1889181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

agreed. gamepass is a great value for gamers but devs are losing a lot of money in sales as opposed to people basically renting their games. Could be why he sounded like he had mixed feelings about gamepass. cant blame devs cuz making games cost a lot of money as well as the work that goes into them. At some point if they keep giving away the games devs will not put out the bigger budget titles anymore due to small returns for all their efforts. Lots of smaller A or AA games would be the types of games on gamepass. Devs should push for their AAA bigger games to be kept off gamepass til they at least sell initially then add them later. Makes more sense imo.

DEEHULK88181d ago

They could get a certain amount up front based on what they think they will would have sold over a certain time frame and mucrosoft could've contributed go the developmentof the game, which could be the readon it is launching on Gamepass. Phil spencer pretty much said that in a interview and since you can still buy it for Xbox(digital) and PC(physical and digital) , I am sure they are losing out on anything.

DEEHULK88181d ago

* I am sure thst they are NOT losing out on anything *

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Atom666180d ago

All depends on the size of the check that gets written, but MS will likely want to do what you suggested (wait a bit to get big AAA 3rd parties) because it's cheaper and they'll make more money themselves that way.

But the economics of it aren't anything new.. Take Medium. It's already XBSs/x and PC exclusive. MS paid them something for that.

Then we know that the install base on the new consoles is small. The recommended PC specs are above normal, too. So I'd think those numbers won't be huge, either.

Then they also know that they'll sell copies to gamers outside of GP.

So you crunch numbers. Expected sales>>>Reduce by expected GP numbers>>>reduce by additional retail and distributor costs>>> and come to a $ amount you'd need to be whole.

MS will highlight that they often see GP games leads to more actual sales. But that's all part of the negotiations.

There's a $ amount that made sense for both of these parties. Sounds like the vast majority of devs who go w/ GP are happy with it.

Guaranteed money is important to most studios who are living game to game, publisher to publisher.

If you do the math a say that we expect you'll lose 10m this year by coming to GP day one. Here's 10m, let's look at the numbers again a year from now and see if you'd like to extend the agreement.

His apprehension seemed more directed at GP being too crowded down the road. I agree. MS needs to keep cultivating the catalog like they've been doing. Otherwise, games will get buried like we see on all regular storefronts right now.

InUrFoxHole180d ago

Yeah, I'm not sure if devs are loosing $, but I never considered gamepass being too busy with games. Making some miss out on good experiences.

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thesoftware730181d ago

@ Moriarty

Wow, you do a lot of ass grabbing, you have no idea how much any dev is losing on anything. He also did not have mixed feeling on Gamepass, he clearly said its awesome...what he did say , is that in the future it might have too much games to choose from. That means it would be easy for a game to get lost in the sauce.

Giving away games?
Small returns for all their effort?

Dude, you are reaching a you have inside info?