So Long Battleborn, And Thanks For All The Fish: A Retrospective

Battleborn will shut down on the 31st of January 2021, so let's revisit its ill-fated history and discuss its surreal departure.

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BlackDoomAx39d ago

One of the funnier game i played with my friends. I like that one of the reason it failed is that it had many reviews like the one you did; criticizing the gameplay because it's 'too complex': because it had a skill tree and because there was different classes... My personal analysis of its failure is beacause of the Blizzard PR team: they saw a threat in it , and decided to kill it by paying professional reviews and counting on their fanboys to bash it and create a fake 'comparaison war' with it. The saddest thing is that this game will disappear forever. It casts, as others in the same situtation, a dark shadow on the future of video gaming. Hopefully there are and still will be 'pirates' to save and archive these for the future generations, that i hope will someday realize that consumerism is not the only solution.

39d ago