Army of Two's "homosexual encounters" draw ire from Christian group

The Timothy Plan, a Florida investment firm which bills itself as "conservative Christian," is warning parents away from EA actioner Army of Two because it contains "homosexual encounters".

In a list of 30 games deemed unsuitable for children the game is listed thus: "Army of Two: Homosexual Encounters: …Somewhat homo-erotic undertones between the two main characters are present."

Art Ally, president, of the Timothy Plan, said: "Many, if not most, parents who buy their kids video games really don't know the extent of sex and violence imbedded in them.

"From drug use, prostitution, murder and mayhem to vulgar profanity and blasphemy these games have become a powerfully negative influence on our kids."

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gw4k3702d ago

Remind me not to play this game. There is a little too much of that crud on tv and everywhere else already.


ahnonamis3702d ago

I was hoping you were joking, but the comment bubbles lead me to believe otherwise. Please tell me it was just hard-to-detect sarcasm.

gw4k3702d ago

I have a low amount of bubbles. Me want more!

Dragunov3702d ago

I wonder what they think of GeoW..

baraka0073702d ago

What happened to christians helping people? This is just hate and everyone knows it. If you disagree then explain why you christians aren't out there pearching about the seven deadly sins as much as being against homosexuals. Greed anyone against that anymore? Sloth (being sad or depressed) Wrath (anger) Envy or Pride? Lust? anyone against these? They are the worst sins in the eyes of God so where are you people warning kids about those? You aren't at all and you even go as far as to promote some of them in your children. Yet you want us to believe you're anti gay because your God says so... what a joke.

shotputking3701d ago

did anyone that played this game see anything "homosexual" in it?? i don't remember ever noticing anything... is it just because it's two guys running around shooting people, instead of a man and a woman, with rings on their fingers yelling f-you at each other? god made adam and eve, i get it... but when they're trying to take down a private military group, adam is probably going to ask steve for help, and leave eve at home.