Hitman 3 surpasses its predecessor to claim No.1 | UK Boxed Charts

The PS5 version accounted for nearly half of the sales.

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phoenixwing32d ago

I'm thinking of buying it but I've never really played the hitman series

ThePacemaker32d ago

I am on the fence as well but I have never played Hitman before.

chiefJohn11732d ago

Hitman is a great game, you missed out blood money is my fav

Army_of_Darkness32d ago

Play hitman: absolution first. That is what got me interested in the series. Awesome game!

Master of Unlocking31d ago

Get it! I discovered Hitman with episode 2 Silent Assassin on the PS2 some 20 years ago, and it's become my main series for infiltration, even more so than Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell. The only thing wrong with that reboot in 2016 this Hitman III is a part of, is that regardless of where you are in the world, everybody speaks english (and without an accent), otherwise it's fantastic and offers plenty of replay value. If you get all 3 episodes of that reboot, man you're in for a treat!

buffig32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I'd never really been a fan of hitman, so I passed on the previous 2 games. Then I noticed that Hitman 2 is on PS Now. I've really enjoyed it, so I'll be picking up number 3. They play a lot like point and click adventures in that you're essentially completing environment puzzles in sequence, to get a result. However, it's more freeform, so you can play and experiment. Also, worth noting, if you pick up Hitman 2 off PS Now. You can activate the access pass on your account and get full access to Hitman 2, from within Hitman 3, even if you haven't bought Hitman 3 yet and even after it leaves PS Now. I'd recommend it

InUrFoxHole32d ago

Same. Currently playing Valhalla though. 61hrs so far.

LoveSpuds31d ago

If you are going for 100% your are around halfway done..... God its a long old game.

wwinterj31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

As this is part of a trilogy and levels can be carried over buy Hitman Definitive Edition first and then Hitman 2. You can get both of these together for roughly the price of Hitman 3. Hitman is a great series.

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vw130332d ago

Gamepass effect. 75 procent is PlayStation. The full price earnings are very important for developers. I tell you quality will go down with subscription models.

Neonridr32d ago

you don't think devs are rewarded based on who plays games via gamepass?

badz14932d ago

compared to real sales? probably A LOT LESS.

vw130332d ago

Well if it's like Netflix. No. Producers of movies or series do not know how many times their movie is streamed. They just get a fixed price... What is my source. A Belgium serie was asked how many times their série was streamed. They do not know.
Also how they would get money. As people do not pay for it you have maybe 50 procent who just try it for less than 1 hour. So would it be justified to get payed for every try?

Neonridr31d ago

@vw1303 - who said it's like Netflix? Two different services. I assure you they can tell how many people have played and how many hours have been logged. Here's an article that Phil mentioned different breakdowns for devs putting their titles on gamepass. Seems like there are many different ways devs can earn money.

InUrFoxHole32d ago

You think people aren't buying it because they think eventually it might go to game pass?

DJStotty31d ago


"Gamepass effect."

Hitman 3 is not available on gamepass.

JEECE32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Some PS5s can't even play discs (thus suggesting that a higher percentage of overall PS5 game sales will be digital compared to PS4 games), and there are only a few million PS5s sold, yet its physical sales of Hitman double the PS4 version and its vaunted install base.

Despite this happening in January of 2021, two months after PS5's launch, we'll still see people using the "install base" and "why leave behind 120 million gamers" nonsense to justify cross-gen games in 2022.

potatoseal32d ago

I know people who have the disc console and still buy mostly digital. Because you never know when you'll need the disc drive. They also don't give a shit about saving $100 to buy the non0disc version

JEECE32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Exactly, that's what I do. I take it for granted that the newer the console, the higher the percentage of sales that will be digital, because people are gradually shifting. I only point to the digital version because that is an objective fact that refutes someone from trying to say "well maybe the PS4 version is really selling better and there are just more people buying physical on PS5."

fonduktoe32d ago

I know Sony wants to make good on their "continued PS4 support" promise which is fine and dandy but I know I would really appreciate some games that are built from the ground up for the PS5 and no I don't want to wait til 2022 for them to be the norm. This cross gen bullshit is extremely frustrating (I'm looking at you Horizon and God of War).

Silly gameAr32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Sony didn't make Hitman 3. Why are you ranting about that here?

Nevermind. I didn't see that you were replying to comments. I Apologize.

JEECE32d ago

Exactly. These cross-gen apologists don't seem to realize that if a studio puts out a cross-gen game (that is, a game really built for PS4 rather than PS5) in late 2021 or early 2022, that studio will likely only put out one real PS5 game this gen.

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NapalmSanctuary32d ago

Been messing around with the tutorial on H2. As much as I love stealth/sneaking I can't believe I've overlooked this series for so long.

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