Sonic Sets His Greedy Hedgehog Eyes on Chess

Over in Germany, game maker Gaya Entertainment is poised to release an officially licensed hedgehog take on the classic game of chess, with pieces made from PVC and the board designed after the aesthetics of the Green Hill Zone.

Thing is, there's not a single Robotnik creation to be found -- you'll battle your fellow animals -- and Gaya made Sonic the slowest piece on the board!

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GameCyteSean3701d ago

I have friends in the LGBT community whom I respect, but somewhere deep within me there exists a very strong desire to knock off that A.

LeJerque3701d ago

Allow me to make the jokes we're all thinking so nobody else has to. *ahem*

"On the plus side, it's the best Sonic game we've had in years."

"If you make a move that nobody was expecting, Sonic falls right through the board."

"Sonic can't actually be checkmated as long as he has at least one ring."

ahnonamis3701d ago

You forgot "This will be the fastest Sonic game since Sega had a console."