The Top 10 Things We Want to See From Nintendo in 2021

COG writes: As big fans of Nintendo, we thought we'd put together a fun little top 10 wish list of what we'd like to see the iconic game company do in 2021.

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Knightofelemia34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I want better online functions ability to message friends, party chat, and just add a friend by a name drop the prison code, bring back the virtual console.

NecrumOddBoy34d ago

Metroid Prime 4 status. This is nonsense, Nintendo. Get it together.

Oh and an Octopath sequel.

--Onilink--34d ago

MP 4 restarted development just 2 years ago, its pretty unreasonable to expect Nintendo to have already provided more updates

33d ago
potatoseal34d ago

Info on the Switch Pro
Info on BOTW 2
I would love to have both

instantstupor34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

- Folders.

- More games with the scope and ambition of Odyssey & BotW.

- Nintendo Selects for Switch, or alternately just actually decent sales/price drops on older games. Games released nearly 4 years ago still being MSRP $60 (with official sales knocking 25-33% off at most) is nuts.

curtain_swoosh34d ago

i god, where to start.
i feel like the switch is "lacking" so many things the ps3 era introduced, that i just want nettflix as an option haha.

potatoseal34d ago

Didn't the Wii-U have Netflix? Why the hell doesn't the Switch have netflix? Seems crazy to me

curtain_swoosh34d ago

the switch is a bare bones console, of a bare bones handheld haha

Tiqila33d ago

Metroid Prime 4
Ocarina of Time remaster
Wind Waker (WiiU Version)
Breath of the Wild 2

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