It's 2021 and These Things in Gaming Need to F**king Change

COG writes: Sure, we can expect enough gold this year to make even Kenny Bania happy. But what about all of the things that desperately need to change? Come along as we go through a few of them.

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Acecalibur32d ago

They can start with rollback netcode.

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ikarodemon32d ago

Sad but this will never happen.

Psychotica32d ago

No, we need to stop requiring something to do every square foot of a map. Many people like to explore and discover things on huge open world maps.

RgR32d ago

I kinda like how red dead treated it.
There are some questions marks and points of interest but most of it is self explored

Omegasyde32d ago

I agree. Just make it pretty between objectives.

badz14932d ago

unless it's anything like JC3 map. a whole vast of mostly nothing!

Kran32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The harddrive space on the PS5 is pretty damn crap... It was already hard enough to keep room for games on the 1TB HDD on the PS4 pro, now I get less, ESPECIALLY with the size games seems to be nowadays? I'm constantly having to delete games to make room for new ones and when I wanna reinstall a game I gotta delete another one.

What's worse is that there's this "other" storage which seems to be because of backwards compatibility. It'll download the main game but also need something else to make it run? I'm curious if this is the case for Xbox?

badz14932d ago

Sony is pretty slow with the expanded storage option for the PS5. I think Mark Cerny said it will come shortly after the launch of the PS5, right?

but you also need to see the real situation out there. Mark Cerny did say that the external NVMe needs to be Gen.4 with at least 7GBps read speed to brute force the extra priority levels used by the PS5. admittedly, there aren't many SSD with that kind of raw speed available on the market right now and not to mention that they are expensive AF!

Profchaos32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

After two months of owning the ps5 I've come to notice that game sizes have dramatically declined on next gen. WD legion is 35gb, Spider-Man mm 60gb, Borderlands 3 is 49gb vs 75 on PC.

Looking at my PS4 cod mw 221gb, rdr2 118gb cp 110 with a 50 GB patch yesterday PS4 titles can all be booted from an external drive Also

garos8232d ago

mine has got around 80gb left of free space and i have around 12 games installed. its not as big as an issue as you make it out. ill eventually get a hdd for my ps4 titles and i dont need more than 12 games at any given time. the less disk space is the result of a revolutionary SSD , im willing to take that trade off no problem seeing how incredible demon souls is running and loading

Kran31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It's an issue depending on the games you play. Imagine of you were a hardcore CoD player, but that takes up a 1/4th of the SSD right there

garos8231d ago

@kran typically hard core cod players only play cod. i have more than 2 friends who play JUST that. Play your game finish it and delete to make space, its really not such a big issue. You can even delete portions of games to save space such as single player content once you done the story mode

CYALTR31d ago

Yes, this is basically the same for Xbox. You can attach an SSD or regular hard drive, but you can only store games on it, you can't play them from this. The only current work around is to purchase expandable memory from Seagate that starts around $200 for 1 TB, thus making an already expensive console cost $700, if you can even find one

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RgR32d ago

You make change when what needs changing happens not afterwards.

Once something becomes a standard in any industry it takes a lot to make any change.

Fighting against the $70 game has to happen now...or the next thing will be $80.

And let me tell you....people salaries don't jump up by 10$ every year. Or even every 5 years. Most are still making the same or close to the same as 10 years ago if not perhaps less.

Omegasyde32d ago

Development and licensing of engines did go up.

I think however 70$ Vs DLC is still the same fight. If games stick to the same standard, publishers will strip content to get their investment back and sell as DLC.

Rebel_Scum32d ago

My salary has increased by 10k every year for the last 8 years working as a software dev. Same goes with every dev I know as well. Hard disagree on your last point.

mudakoshaka32d ago

I think you are full of sh*t

Sunny_D31d ago

Well it doesn’t apply to everyone obviously. But, not everyone gets such a huge raise, if at all. Nor do they have available opportunities to find another job especially during a pandemic. What is true is cost of living has gone up while wages have become stagnant.

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