Cyberpunk 2077's Latest Patch Reportedly Added A Game-Breaking Bug

Last night, CD Projekt Red dropped the first major update for its troubled open-world shooter, Cyberpunk 2077. “Major” is a relative term. While larger than previous updates, yesterday’s patch 1.1 focuses more on stability fixes rather than a wide-ranging overhaul. In fact, it may have even made the game worse—by introducing a potentially game-breaking bug.

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SullysCigar34d ago

Lol, well if it breaks a bit that's already broken, hopefully it will accidentally fix it!

Knightofelemia31d ago

Cyberjunk 2077 probably take 2077 patches to even make this game playable

zarbor31d ago

Here's the thing. If you are fixing a broken game and in fixing it you broke it some more, well that just lets everyone know you have no idea what the **** you are doing from the very begininng.