Xbox isn't wrong for charging more, they are wrong for having nothing to charge for

Xbox's planned, then abandoned, price hike for online membership has irritated the internet, but not for the right reasons. No one will ever enjoy a price increase. But the real problem on the part of Microsoft is the consistent lack of worthwhile things on offer in exchange for any quantity of our money, having cannibalized their core brands and refused to invest in ambitious or noteworthy new IPs. Join us at GreenDragonCVR for a discussion of what a healthy relationship of video games and business might look like. Also featuring the fantastic Resident Evil VIII Maiden demo (Resident Evil makes an interesting counterexample to MS franchises: still made by the same people making a very different sort of game, while Halo is made by different people making the same).

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Daddy-Like1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I can agree with this. I love the brand and have invested heavily game-wise. My one annoyance is the lack of first-party games.

They have promised many titles, but it never seems to actually happen.

TheProblem1218d ago

I don’t think anything could justify a 100% price hike

GamerRN1218d ago

Thankfully it was reversed and free to play was taken out of the pay wall

Godmars2901218d ago

Only because of backlash. Something they should have known would draw backlash. Something they knew enough to remove the f2p requirement to soften their BS.

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gamer78041218d ago

While I disagree with the gold price hike the article is wrong, atleast for gamespass. Day one first party games on gamespass , Minecraft dungeons, hive busters on day one and halo infinite coming this year on the service along with tons of other third party games is def worth charging for.

Livingthedream1218d ago

The gamepass price of admission is fine, but their proposed Gold increase is ridiculous. They're two different things.

MrNinosan1218d ago

When you said Day One first party, you didn’t need to add Minecraft Dungeons and Halo Infinite as they are included in that.

I bought Series X in hope to believe all the hype about Gamepass, but shortly after, I realised I still get more and better for a lower price with PSNow.

Now I’m stuck with Game Pass for 2 years, so I hope the money was worth it when those 2 years have passed.

gamer78041218d ago

@MrNino How do you get more with psnow? All ps3 games are streamed and there is no day one ps games

SpineSaw1218d ago

If only those "Day one First Party games" were must have, must play games but there not and I don't see a day when that changes even with Microsoft buying more gaming studios and producing more games. They maybe day one on GP but they will be multi-platform and one day in the $5 bin and maybe at that point be a must have game.

gamer78041218d ago

@spine that’s your opinion on what is must have though, halo Mac collection and gears 5 with hive busters are fantastic. Minecraft dungeons is also a blast especially if you have kids

343_Guilty_Spark1218d ago

You don't get more with PS Now

Teflon021216d ago


Actually you factually get more with PS Now. Like, literally google the quantity lol

gamer78041216d ago

@teflon. Oh you are talking number of games so quantity not quality whether visually (streaming only for ps3) or day one first party. Got it.

gamer78041216d ago

@raul that’s pretty much what I said. They listened to feedback from the hike and realized it was a bad move and rectified that as well as the free to play games aspect. So it’s a win for Xbox gamers.

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CaptainHenry9161218d ago

I guess Microsoft ain't making enough from gamepass 😁

RauLeCreuset1218d ago

The "annoyance" and the problem is how they conned so many into believing moves made to further Xbox's financial interests were pro consumer and about giving options, only to try blatantly undermining one of those options to the point that Live Gold only users would effectively be forced into buying a bundled Live Gold and Game Pass service they didn't want.

Livingthedream1218d ago

The increase doesn't make sense at all, I subscribed to game pass and have about about 2 1/2 years left because I converted a whole lot of gold into gp ultimate. I'm thinking a lot of people did something like this. Got three years of GP for about 100

gamer78041218d ago

It’s good they listened though rather than just sticking with a price hike whether it’s for a subscription or new games no?

RauLeCreuset1218d ago


It makes sense if you consider the blatant money grab would have affected a smaller community of gamers if what you said is correct. The potential for success increases when the number of people impacted is reduced. It's not so much about getting people to pay more for Gold as it is pressuring them to join those of you paying for GPU.


No. You say "they listened," and that's the spin they're putting on it. It would be more accurate to say "they tried it." It doesn't take listening to know that a 100% price gouge and locking F2P behind a paywall are taking advantage of consumers. The only thing they listened to was the level of backlash to determine whether it was safe to proceed or if they should bide their time while playing the F2P card to regain the pro consumer narrative by not doing something they obviously shouldn't have done or considered doing and finally doing something they should have done 15 years ago.

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piroh1218d ago

Sad but true, my X1S is full of dust i should clear it off once in a while. The last time i played it was when Forza Horizon 4 launched, btw great game. Since then no reason to turn it on

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rlow11218d ago

I agree their hasn't been alot to get excited for. But they have invested heavily in studios. So I expect them to reveal new ips in the future.

GreenDragonCVR1218d ago

Hope so too! We are looking forward to Avowed. Even the Medium looks interesting. Its cool what they did with Gears Tactics too. These all just feel like sidenotes to the main MS show (of cloned games and sub offerings).

SullysCigar1218d ago

And for the IPs they've bought to release on all platforms to recoup acquisition costs...lol

rlow11218d ago

@sullycigar, trolling along I can see, definitely not surprise to see you putting a positive twist on things. I can agree they will bring most games to their ecosystem, but I'm not sure what you mean by all platforms. If your talking the Playstation Eco system, its a far flung possibility. To imply that they are so desperate for cash they would do anything.....keep smoking.

RauLeCreuset1218d ago

Right? Such balderdash. Xbox doesn't want money. Sully's talking like we're only having this conversation because Xbox just tried pulling a fast one to force Live Gold subscribers to either pay at least twice the cost of the 12-month subscription or shell out even more for the better valued GPU. The idea that Xbox might seek to recoup the costs of acquiring 3rd party IPs that were previously reliant on PS sales by continuing to sell them on PS is so far fetched as to be unworthy of consideration.

Silly gameAr1218d ago

Probably IP's that were already in the making before MS bought the studios.