PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S vs Switch Launch Sales Comparison Through Week 9

Through the first nine weeks available worldwide the PlayStation 5 is ahead of the Switch and Xbox Series X|S by a fair margin. The PS5 is ahead of the Switch by 1.74 million units and is 2.09 million units ahead of the Xbox Series X|S.

The PS5 has sold 4.82 million in nine weeks worldwide, while the Switch sold 3.08 million units and the Xbox Series X|S 2.73 million units.

Looking at the marketshare through nine weeks, the PlayStation 5 currently leads. The PS5 has a 45.4 percent marketshare, the Switch sits at 28.9 percent, and the Xbox Series X|S at 25.7 percent.

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TheGreatGazoo3034d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I love how people quote sales numbers like fact when they actually haven't been announced (and won't for any hardware MS Sells). MS and Sony are both selling everything they make, which is great for both. I fail to see why Switch is even compared, it's a budget handheld system at neither MS OR Sony view it as competition.

Neonridr34d ago

so the number of consoles Nintendo sells doesn't matter at the end of the day? Even if the Switch goes on to sell more than the PS4 did?

Sitdown34d ago

Absolutely not, it doesn't fit the narrative. Plus, we all know consoles play better when you know the sales, and if it's #1 in sales, then your eyes melt while playing it. I wonder if Nintendo's money spends differently being a "budget handheld system".

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bradleejones34d ago

Diehard PlayStation guy here but the Switch is not a budget hand held. Breath of the Wild for one is a top tier game amongst many others. PS4 and 5 have it in the graphics department but I wouldn't discount the Switch as a budget piece of hardware.

Imalwaysright34d ago

BoTW has one of the most impressive physics systems in any game ever made but in this day and age the only thing that is considered impressive tech wise is the number of polygons a game is pushing.


“neither MS OR Sony view it as competition.

If that’s the case, what are you so concerned about?

Nyxus34d ago

They are estimates but it's still interesting to see, at least I think so.


That last sentence might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on this site, and I have read a lot of dumb things on this site.

deafdani34d ago

Trust me, Sony and Microsoft view the Switch as competition. It does not matter what you personally think about it, it's still a gaming device that is fighting for the consumer's money in the same space that Sony and Microsoft are selling their consoles. That is the very definition of competition.

CorndogBurglar33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Thats just silly. If someone could possibly buy a Switch instead of a PS5 or Xbox, them guess what? Its competition and I guarantee you Sony and Microsoft see it that way. The fact that the Switch can be played on the tv and never need to be used as a handheld means people can use it as their console.

Again, any product on the market that could potentially take sales away from Sony or Microsoft is competition. Period. And Sony, Microsoft, or any other company would be completely foolish to pay it no attention.

DJStotty33d ago

They should because switch has the potential to outsell them all, discounting them as "competition" is how you get overtaken.

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Orchard33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Why do gamers even care about sales figures? Unless you are a shareholder in Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo, it doesn’t really make any difference to you.

rlow133d ago

So let's put out numbers starting nine weeks ago and make it sound like the Switch has to somehow catch up to the PS5. Considering the Switch is some 70 million units plus ahead. Genius

Kavorklestein33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Yeah I think it is dumb to compare something brand new to the switch which has been out forever. I also think we shouldn't forget how the switch was impossible to find during most of the pandemic and didn't have much retail supply until later summer/early fall in most of the U.S. Of all the new consoles sold I'd imagine scalpers make up near 50% of the "sold" numbers currently and it makes more sense to study sales once there is a healthy retail supply of Xboxes and PS5's in stores.

I also think the sales discussion in general has become somewhat of a meh who cares. As long as all the devices gamers choose keep being supported then there is good news for everyone.

GameBoyColor33d ago

This site did the exact same thing to the Switch compared to ps4 and xbox1 every week. I don't see the problem tbh.