CD Projekt Red Misses The Point Of Criticisms Of Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 had one of the most controversial launches in years. However, CD Projekt Red seems to be missing the point of the criticism.

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esherwood35d ago

Good, most of it wasn’t warranted anyway.

LucasRuinedChildhood35d ago

What criticisms weren't warranted?

esherwood34d ago

I played on og xbox with zero game breaking bugs along with 3 other people I know in real life. I’m sure there where some bugs but it was blown way out of proportion. Also to have a AAA game like that to have zero micro transactions was refreshing and it was ridiculous seeing everyone trying to tear them down because it didn’t live up to some unreal expectation

jznrpg34d ago

@esherwood the AI is crap and they didn’t deliver on what THEY said was in the game not what people hoped it would be but what THEY said it would be. I like CDPR but they totally underdelivered on their statements of what was in the game .

esherwood34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I think it’s funny that a lot of these people being so hyper critical of this game are probably horrible at there jobs. No idea what they promised but I know they’ve had a pretty awesome track record up to this point and I personally think cyberpunk was my favorite game last year. They went above and beyond with the Witcher and its expansions time and time again but one little slip up and everyone’s at there throats. Personally I think most gamers are a bunch of weasels and the benifits to trying to cater to them obviously aren’t worth it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just went the ea route from here on out and mass produced games and milk them for all they can. They’ll get backlash no matter what mine as well

RgR34d ago


Okay so they over promised and released early.

Going back to the actual game and what is actually in the game....yup it's all good. Except for the bugs of course.

You telling me either 3 had amazing ai?

OhReginald34d ago


Really!? Damn i want to play the version you have. you must have hook ups at cd projekt red. Cause the rest of us have a unplayable piece of shit game.

neutralgamer199234d ago


What track record man witcher 3 launched with a lot of issues too until they fixed them. If you were lucky enough to play on OG xbox without any bugs and glitches I can believe that but 3 other people now it sounds like you are making stuff up. Or maybe you work at CDPR because no way a real gamer defends this. They knew what condition this game was in that's why they didn't allow anyone to reveal any personally recorded gameplay footage before release

Michiel198934d ago

@esher maybe you are used to flipflopping framerates <30fps and textures popping in and out like playing god damn whack-a-mole, not everyone is. Combine that with the massive amount of bugs, their false marketing and outright lying to customer and investor, combined with not showing of old gen versions and covering up how bad it runs.

"one little slipup" you got to be joking right?

JustTheFax34d ago

@esherwood I had zero game breaking bugs as well, but I played on PC. No crashes at all! Compared to the issues I had recently with Just Cause 4 and Spiderman Remastered, Cyberpunk ran like a dream for me!

esherwood34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Nuetralgamer so even Witcher 3 wasn’t up to your standards? The reality of games this big is there’s going to be bugs, they can’t spend 15 years developing a game so there other option is just making games much less ambitious. What I don’t get is if people have zero tolerance for bugs why not just wait to play it? That way people like me can still enjoy it and if they delayed it you wouldn’t be playing anyway. The game was pushed back already quite a bit I’m sure the reality of the situation was they had to release it plus it by no means was a bad game. I’m actually amazed a game like that could still only be $60 plus a free upgrade. Just seems to me if people were this mad about cyberpunk there has to be like 20 games ahead of it more deserving of the hate

LucasRuinedChildhood34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


The game was in full production for 4 years, not since 2013 so there's no need to go on about "15 years". An extra 4-12 months would let the developers properly finish the game and iron out the bugs. The game was often at 15fps on launch on consoles and is now already quite a bit better. Why? Because those ports weren't finished. I get that you like the game but you're being very dismissive of legitimate criticism.

The game is also generally not finished. If you shoot and turn around, every civilian disappears. The police just spawn right beside you and inside walls (inferior to GTA3 on PS2). Civilians once panicked never move. If enemies start shooting the cops, they won't react to you if you start shooting them. The world is less dynamic than most open world games because the AI is too basic. Traffic can't navigate obstacles on the road. Many surfaces don't react when you shoot them (water barely reacts to anything). Loads of promised features were cut. It may be an ambitious game but it is often very basic because it's not finished.

None of the release dates for this game were realistic or fair to the developers, and management just wanted to get the game out on time to get the Christmas sales on PS4 and XB1 in their last big year. "there has to be like 20 games ahead of it more deserving of the hate". Go ahead and name them then.

esherwood34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

@lucas well timings important on these games so even though 4 months doesn’t sound like a big deal I’m sure the reality of them missing Christmas was millions of dollars. The 2 times I remember them delaying it people where losing there minds and there where articles everywhere saying how much there stock lost and they where doomed. As i said these games will always have bugs why wouldn’t U just wait 4 months to play it that way the millions of people like me could enjoy it and you’d be playing it at the same time anyway

esherwood34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

@justhefax don’t say that around here it pisses everyone off since it don’t fit the narrative they’re trying to create

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RgR34d ago

Agreed. If you like witcher 3 then you'll likely love this game as well.

It's a story driven fps set in cyberpunk...brings some awesome new concepts into the world.

instantstupor34d ago

Just curious, as I have yet to play it, what new concepts have you found it brought into the world? It seems like a mostly straightforward open world RPG-lite game from everything I've seen of it so far.

RgR34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Well. I'm not spoiling anything. But by concepts I'm referring to cyberpunk lore.

It is an open world rpg lite just like the witcher was. So if you liked that you'll likely like this.

Omegasyde34d ago


Story driven yes, but what awesome concepts are you referring to?

KyRo34d ago

Tbh Cyberpunk, even in its current state a lot more fun than the mundane Witcher series.

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myfathersbastard34d ago

I’m not even gonna get into the terrible AI and other mechanical issues. But it may have run well for you. But that was rare. I was playing on a PS5 and within the first 6 hours I have 5 full crashes, and 7 or so game breaking bugs that completely stopped progression and I had to completely close and reload an earlier save. Litteraly every 20 to 30 minutes I had to restart the game for one reason or another. And DOZENS of little glitches and weird things that didn’t break the game but was still very immersion breaking.
You may have had a decent experience. But from what I’ve seen and read you weren’t in the majority. It seems only PC players had a genuinely good experience.

JustTheFax34d ago

It might be a ps5 issue, because I had 4 full crashes in Spiderman Remastered, and had a game breaking bug where I had to restart from a save.

Omegasyde34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I call BS.

Game is still flawed, and missing the features provided in the trailers.

Did they fix stuff? Sure did.

Still along ways to go, end you settled for way too little

No Way34d ago

I agree honestly, I've been having a good time on the game for PC. I've not had any game-breaking bugs or glitches, however, I've had small glitches like guns floating or someone floating a bit outside the car in the passenger seat, the path on the map disappearing briefly, or some pop-in. Nothing else, really, have I've experienced.

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Cikatriz_ESP34d ago

All good points. Well done.

lio_convoy34d ago

Well of course they're missing the point. This is the company that thought it was perfectly acceptable to release a game in such a miserable state. Hopefully this experience is a wake up call for all devs and they stop releasing unfinished garbage to gamers. Or at least offer a substantial discount for pre-ordering because of the risk gamers are taking.

neutralgamer199234d ago

Yes CDPR missed that but what about all the pc gamers who supposedly have high end rigs and have experienced no bugs or glitches when it has been proven time and time again even on high end PC's this game has issues

Gamers who defend CDPR are the same people who hate on other big publishers and want fair treatment. We can't pick and choose who we are going to demand accountability from. CDPR messed up they need to fix this and gamers have to stop defending them. They knew what condition this game was that's why they didn't allow any personal footage before release. Issue is way to many journalists bought into the hype and we couldn't get fair assessment until after release

Omegasyde34d ago

Thing is that AI is still wack on all platforms and is not exclusive to last gen consoles.

SickSinceSix34d ago

I have a pretty good PC and it still had issues when I played it last week. Riding the motorcycle, a car tapped me a little and I flew off it, I tried getting back on and it hurt me for no apparent reason, I tried again and then just died, lol.

Occasionally while riding the motorbike, V will stand up on top of it, doing the T pose for a few seconds. That's just from the short amount of time I played last week, after the game had been patched 3 or 4 times already.

ABizzel134d ago

They were all full of it as well. Because there are glitches, crashes, and world breaking bugs in the PC version as well. Any reviewer who game this game a 10/10 should be fired or at least banned from submitting reviews because there is a complete lack of integrity shown from them with the state the game was in.

FyBy34d ago

The game is amazing. Stop whining all around. They promised more. But they also take Care of their games after release. So wait and youll see, how will cp change.

fonduktoe34d ago

I'd rather they wait and release the game in an atleast halfway decent state instead of "wait and you'll see" horseshit. Til they actually come through like the super devs you seem to think they are everyone that isn't satisfied due to the massive disparity between what was promised and what was delivered can complain all they want. It's not at all "whining" btw it's well deserved criticism. Get your head outta the dev's ass long enough to take a breath and give your brain some much needed oxygen.

FyBy32d ago

Half way decent state? Wow thats really strong for this great game.

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