Why I’m not Excited for Ubisoft's Star Wars Game

Zahi AR. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "The Star Wars universe is a massive property, and more developers should be given the freedom to make their own titles, not under EA, but I am not excited for Ubisoft’s announcement."

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Rocketisleague42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Star creed: assassin Jedi

That's what I expect

GameZenith43d ago

My God do people realize that this announcement does not mean Ubisoft now has exclusive rights or that SW games will now be shared with EA/Ubisoft?

This only means that more developers will now be able to make SW games. It just happens that Ubisoft is the first out of the chute.

Viking_mo43d ago

Yep and they also said they have more to announce later on with different studios

swifty143d ago

Disney sees $$$$$$$$ the more games the more $$$$$$$$$ Star Wars is a money printing license

42d ago
Kason3543d ago

It will be monetize heavy

DaveZero42d ago

Why the division 1 and 2 wasnt, you never had to buy a damn thing if you chose not to, not TD2s battle pass which had a free tree to go through nor buy up the cosmetics.

Sorry to say but I do not mind have cosmetics that are paid for on a star wars game if it helps fund further DLC . Also it still shocks me at how some people still moan to this day over Cosmetics that you must buy, where were you all at the time that Cosmetics became paid for content, no where in sight, you brought them then and moaned later on. I'd rather have a base game where you pay for the game play it and have the option to say yes or no as to whether you buy those cosmetics.

Like I said you do not have to buy any of the cosmetics.

Nacho_Z43d ago

I wasn't excited for Disney Star Wars but The Mandalorian turned out pretty great.

phoenixwing43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

The mando show is great. The rest of the movies leave something to be desired

traumadisaster43d ago

It had some great moments that I appreciate and it helps the scenes that are walking simulator crap and various filler.

TAURUS-55542d ago

mandalorian was nice....but the rest are [email protected]

GoodGuy0943d ago

Itll be a generic open world we all know that. But hey Ill take a ubi assassins creed, farcry, division-like star wars game over anything EA has a part in.

Shiken43d ago

I dunno...a generic open world Star Wars does not interest me at all...

And while EA fell short most of the time, and I have little respect for their practices...Respawn DID knock it out of the park with Fallen Order, which was under EA's banner. I will take more of that than what Ubi will likely bring anyday.

But we did not expect that from EA either, so who knows maybe thet can suprise us.

GameZenith42d ago

How do you know it will be generic?

And to be generic would require a previous open world SW game to compare to....which there isnt.

Rocketisleague42d ago

Itll be a generic uni game, set in the star ears universe

Shiken42d ago (Edited 42d ago )


I mean in terms of a generic Ubisoft open world game. Star Wars wpuld just be a theme using the same formula they have used for everything over the years.

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