Nioh 2 is Absolutely Stunning on PS5

Nioh 2 - Complete Edition looks amazingly good on PS5. Don't believe us? Check out the 14-minute teaser video that just dropped.

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starchild34d ago

Yes, I loved the first one. I'm either getting the PC version or PS5 version . But does anyone know when more PS5s will be available to buy? I haven't been able to find them anywhere.

34d ago
starchild34d ago

Thanks. I'll check out the channel. I hope Sony restocks some more soon.

frostypants33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Rumor is production has ramped up and it should begin to get easier to grab one over the next couple of months. This will force scalpers sitting on inventory to panic and unload at lower prices, too. Hopefully the shortage will be nothing more than a memory by this summer.

33d ago
SullysCigar34d ago

You're asking that on a site that has published 37 reviews!?

34d ago
Hellcat202034d ago

It's really good
Difficulty can be an issue for most but it's worth the time spent playing and learning the techniques

33d ago
Milkshake21234d ago

It's a dark soul's like game in a feudal Japan setting.

rdgneoz333d ago

It's much faster paced that souls. It is by the people that made Ninja Gaiden.

Rocketisleague33d ago

Like..sekiro? A dark souls like game created by dark souls creators set in feudal Japan?

nitus1033d ago

Actually, NioH (I have not played NioH 2 yet) is a mission-based game although it does have Souls-like features and like "rdgneoz3" says it is much faster paced although fighting speed depends on your weapon, "stance" and "Ki" which is equivalent to stamina in Souls games.

frostypants33d ago

I'd compare it more to Bloodborne than Dark Souls or Sekiro in terms of combat pace.

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Rocketisleague34d ago

Like souls but not as good. Some people prefer it to souls. Sekiro is light years above it imo

33d ago
SpineSaw33d ago

Nioh 2 is great and if you played the 1st Nioh you'll have no trouble. I think more gamers played the 1st Nioh.
Nioh 2 is not as tough to get to the level cap as Nioh 1 IMO and the DLC's add value to the game as does the Underworld it's must have game and if your a Demon\ Dark Souls, Bloodborne fan.

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fonduktoe34d ago

Can't wait for that PS5 patch! Love this game and series as a whole. Hope they continue it and make one for the PS5 from the ground up.

VersusDMC34d ago

Nice. Bought it on sale for 20 and it's still wrapped as i wait for the PS5 version to come out.

Fraggle198734d ago

thats not stunning. The original game wasnt a looker and this patch does nothing to help that. People need to stop with the hyperbole just to get clicks.

drizzom33d ago

Right? Im waiting for it on PC where it can and will look much better.

mkis00733d ago

It looks the same on pc...It's not a graphically intense game.

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The story is too old to be commented.