Embark On A New Journey - The Top Console Games On Sale This Weekend

It's always the right time to start on a new adventure, and it gets even better when you can save a few bucks too! Check out the best games on sale this weekend to get absolutely lost in.

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Daddy-Like33d ago

They can discount Avengers on Xbox all they like - I’ll never play it. If companies want to say I can’t have all of the content like other platforms do, they’ll never get a dime from me.

Chriswheeler2233d ago

I think not having Spiderman is the least of that games issues.

CrimsonWing6933d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Um, that’s kind of been a thing for a long time.

I think it’s more lame that MS won’t shell out to have their own exclusive character. Sony went a little extra for their consumers.

Unknown_Gamer579433d ago

Remember when Xbox fans praised MS for securing exclusive content for multiplats on their platform? I sure do. Now that Sony's doing it, apparently they're the bad guys.

Profchaos33d ago

Cut content was the least of that games problems grinding like a mobile free to play and a almost instant overnight loss of the majority of the player base it made anthem look like world of warcraft

Unknown_Gamer579433d ago

Ugh, these deals always seem to be US only. Oh well, I guess it's a first world problem anyways, since I already have plenty of games. I'll just have to wait until I can get more in sales that are available to me.

Profchaos33d ago

Re3 really copped a lot of hate for not being as good as 2 but honestly I picked it up for $9 and I loved it. The game is only 5 hours long 5.5 hours in total I feat in the police station but for that price it's a excellent game if you can seperate re2 and it's legacy with 3 you should have some fun especially if you get it cheap.

That being said if I payed $ launch I'd be a little annoyed to but I guess you have to take into consideration the original was only 6.5 hours long.

NapalmSanctuary33d ago

RE3's problem wasn't that it was not as good as RE2 Remake but that it wasn't as good as the original RE3. In the end, in the mind of many, it was just a pointless remake that wasn't worth the time or money spent.

33d ago