The Last of Us Franchise Sets a New Record With More Than 500 GOTY Awards

Naughty Dog has consistently delivered blockbuster games that have received universal critical acclaim and The Last of Us franchise is one of them.

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Hellcat202035d ago

Holy Sh1t
That's amazing
Congratulations to the whole ND team
Well deserved

_SilverHawk_35d ago

The last of us was the best game two generations ago and the last of us 2 was the best game last generation. I'm wondering if naughty dog will release another game in the series this generation

SullysCigar34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Amazing games, so truly justifiable, but hell, that's A LOT of GOTY awards!

Looking forward to the multiplayer they're working on. If Factions was anything to go by, this could be the one of the best multiplayers we get for the entire generation!

RazzerRedux35d ago

Brilliant franchise. Well deserved.

Relientk7735d ago

More than 500 GOTY awards spread across just two games, wow. Now, that's impressive

Snookies1235d ago

Glad to see all of their hard work has paid off with this franchise! They definitely deserve it!