Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.1 Offers Marginal Improvement In Performance

Cyberpunk 2077 has been updated to a new version and this one doesn't appear to have resolved the major performance issues on last-generation consoles.

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Gianoni3333d ago

I'm losing my hope into this game....i tried on ps4 slim and althought the relections are better, the fps and overall perfomrance is worst then 1.06


Return, Refund and move on

33d ago
Father__Merrin33d ago

Exactly, just move on I'd rather have creed valhalla over this turd

33d ago
Profchaos33d ago

Which is ironically 50x more playable than the og X one or X one s

HenryofSkalitz33d ago

Been playing on one x and honestly its great. Some dips but not bad its still very playable.

CYALTR33d ago

About half way through and I haven't had any major issues on the OneX. I guess it depends on one's definition of "unplayable"

psychosmurf10133d ago

Mine was fine on one X (after turning off all graphic settings). I then upgraded to series X and as expected there were noticeable improvements but it’s not like the one x made it look potato mode. You may want to turn all your graphical settings to off. Game is much better that way.

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starchild33d ago

It's a great game on PC. I feel bad for those on platforms where it has issues.

Ivar_Ragnarsson33d ago

I'm playing it on PC and it's riddled with bugs as well. Performance is ok though

robtion33d ago

Great on PS5 too (though the actual PS5 next gen patch would be great). I have done every mission and activity available. 150ish hrs.

Patch 1.1 majorly improves stability on PS5. No more crashes.

ORyanDeee33d ago

ive crashed once so far on PS5 with the new patch, but i wont be crashing anymore as ive finished the game.

Profchaos33d ago

The difference is minimal at best and Cdpr have said it themselves Thier world streaming engine that was built for PC just struggles on base level hardware they won't be able to get much more out of the base systems and they know it
They are really just stalling for time so people forget and move on or adopt next gen systems

jonivtec33d ago

Yup...they would need to completly overhaul the game engine to make the game running fine on last gen...i dont think they will get better with time maybe...but never gonna be perfect

StoneyYoshi33d ago

No, they just need to improve their streaming technology. They made a completely new streaming system for this game and it still needs a lot of work. This doesn't require a complete overhaul of their engine when thats already been done. They even stated the streaming tech they use is one of the main culprits behind the games performance problems on PS4 and XBO.

StoneyYoshi33d ago

That streaming tech still needs work on all systems regardless of the hardware its being run on. Yeah, it runs much better on PC but there is still much more room for improvement on an entirely new streaming tech they implemented in this game.

Duke1933d ago

Are they even improving the other fundamental issues with the game besides performance? Like the AI seems to be gamebreaking

fonduktoe33d ago

The dogshit AI in this game is what makes it unplayable for me. The glitches and crashes suck but the broken AI is a total underlying system that will probably never get touched let alone "fixed." Pretty pathetic when open world games more then 10 years old run laps around this game's crap excuse for NPC AI.

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The story is too old to be commented.