Free Fire Banned Over 30 Million Accounts in 2020

Free Fire was the world's most downloaded mobile games of 2020. However, it is quite clear that the developers have to work even more hard to keep the game fair and safe as the number of players increases and the fact that Garena had to ban over 30 Million free fire accounts just in one year is enough to prove it.

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Kilua39d ago

"Free Fire was the world's most downloaded mobile games of 2020." - Lmao news to me, never even heard of her.

DashMad39d ago

LOL what cave are you on ? that shit has more than 500 million download on google play. joking aside the game is all the rage in Asia but not so much in the west it maybe why you never heard of it.

sumantmeena739d ago

You never heard of it. Don't decide for the other 7 Billion people.

CDbiggen39d ago

Calm down heh, he wasn't deciding anything. Just saying that he's not heard of it.

Kilua39d ago

Didn't expect anything less from someone who thinks "Mobile gaming is the way to go"

sumantmeena739d ago

Also just for reference, Garena Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game of 2020 with 266.2 million downloads. A simple google search and you can find out yourself.