The Pervasive Popularity of Nintendo Game Boy, 31 Years Later

Nintendo Game Boy set the standard in portable gaming with its lineage continuing to impress. We look at how it came to be portable royalty.

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Knightofelemia43d ago

I still collect Game Boy games the library is pretty solid for the hand held love the fact I can enjoy the games with a Game Boy Player and a Super Game Boy.

PrimeVinister43d ago

The Super Game Boy was amazing.

And Wario Land is one of the most underrated Mario games.

Knightofelemia43d ago

I always wished Sega would have made an add on for the Genesis to play Game Gear games but Game Gear uses a higher colour palette then the Genesis and SMS and that's why Sega never made the adapter

Minute Man 72143d ago

Wait ✋ how is Wario Land a Mario game🤔

P_Bomb43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Audio was excellent coming from my watch battery games.