The Best of the Best: Our top ten games in the PS4's generation

Gamereactor: "We take a look at our top ten titles that were released over the seven years since the PS4 launched."

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Sonic-and-Crash81d ago

where is Ghost of Tsushima? ....i would also add Monster Hunter World (it was partly exclusive on PS4) and The Last Guardian

oof678181d ago

Sometimes, people haven't played certain games.

Nyxus81d ago

Yeah well can't include everything. Personally I'd also have added Yakuza 0.

ZeroBlue281d ago

For me, Persona 5 Royal was game of the generation, with God of War a close second.

PixelKnot81d ago

I've only played the original version of P5 and considered it my Gotg. All the praise towards the changes in Royal makes me want to replay it.

ZeroBlue281d ago (Edited 81d ago )

I highly recommend you do. I was a bit skeptical at first. I questioned: "Why couldn't they just make this DLC?" But there is so much added to the game that it basically feels like a new game. Also, if you like the Jungian approach to the series, Royal doubles down on the psychology aspect.

Yi-Long81d ago

Driveclub was probably my favourite game this generation. Just perfect in what it was.

PixelKnot81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

What happened to that game and its developers was (and still is) unfortunate. Great game.

SickSinceSix81d ago

Wish Sony let them do another Motorstorm

phoenixwing81d ago

Still have to play persona 5 royal on my ps4 pro. Part of me just hopes they release a pc version so I can play it there. (I prefer pc gaming)

RazzerRedux81d ago

Persona 4 did pretty well on Steam so I'm guessing that will happen eventually.

TheColbertinator81d ago

Persona 5 Royal was outstanding. Atlus triumphed there.

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