Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.19 Is Out, Here Are The Details

Ghost of Tsushima was updated to version 1.19 today by Sucker Punch. This update is a minor hotfix as seen in the patch notes.

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NecrumOddBoy35d ago

- General bug fixes and improvements. 300Mb

This is news.

forevercloud300034d ago

Thank you for saving me the click. Websites have become so desperate for views that they bait with a headline that they know won't satisfy once we read the useless article.

If there is a specific well known bug that the update fixes...sure, but gen maintenance is assuredly not news.

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Sitdown34d ago

Still working through the game, blame it on having younger kids. Only thing I've encountered was clipping when walking on steps, Mongol horses going rogue, one time while examining an item, Jin got stick and one time at a fox den the action button wouldn't pop up. Thoroughly enjoying the title, and was completely caught by surprise when Ghost Mode. Going to finish the game before going into story teller.

CobraKai34d ago

I hear you. I had to set the kids to bed first before playing. I took my sweet time with it; didn’t want to rush through just to “finish the game”. Now that I got a PS5 and Pulse 3D I think I’ll give it a go with 3D sound.

Gianoni3334d ago

Most imporventa then cyberpunk

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nonasaki34d ago

I’m so used to these trap headlines that I can guess straight away it’s from twisted Voxel. There is one supposed journalist that writes these pointless articles, I’m surprised it’s getting all the hits but then again, he is a master of the click bait.