1UP: Ultimate Band Review

1UP writes: "The back of Ultimate Band's box proclaims, "You don't need instruments to rock," but I beg to differ -- Wii Remotes and Nunchuks are certainly not made for rocking. Where cornerstone music series like Rock Band and Guitar Hero draw players into the music by coupling plastic instruments with acutely crafted note-tracking, Ultimate Band surmises that posing and cheerleading are adequate substitutes.

Ultimate Band hits the road with four openings in its stage lineup. Bass, lead guitar, drums, and "vocals" fill out the band, but aspiring divas beware: It substitutes rhythm-based gestures and posturing for actual singing. Each piece utilizes the Wiimote and Nunchuk as air-guitar/drums or vocal stand-ins, with little accuracy needed to play the part. Drums are the only instrument that feels natural -- using the remote and Nunchuk as drumsticks is pretty straightforward -- but the input's so generalized that you don't have to play along anywhere close to the beat."

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