GTA Coke Ad in Super Bowl

Don't be surprised when you're treated to the Grand Theft Auto inspired Coca-Cola ad today during the Super Bowl. According to CNN/Money, Coke is returning to the Super Bowl after being on break since 1998. Apparently Coca-Cola believes they found a culturally relevant way to promote to the demographic.

Susan McDermott, a spokesperson for Coca-Cola North America, said, "We wanted to kick things off big in 2007. We've been a partner with 'American Idol' since the beginning so the strategy was to debut new ads on the Super Bowl and 'Idol' in order to hit the biggest entertainment and sports programming within two weeks." She also notes that this "old" GTA coke ad (found after the break) now has a chance to reach a much larger audience.

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DC RID3R5715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )


the colts are some tough mo'fos :]

/\ the offence [] is the defence

28............28(audible).... ...........HUT!!!

CAPS LOCK5714d ago

this ad was short and sweet, it was much better than the polar will be funny if gta actually looked like that.

salvesen12275714d ago

that commercial already appeared in movie its not really new.

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