Despite its troubles, Cyberpunk 2077 reportedly had the biggest digital launch in history

Cyberpunk 2077 had the biggest digital video game launch in history, both in terms of units sold and revenue generated during its release month.

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SullysCigar33d ago

Yes - this achievement was based on lies that HID the game's launch problems.

Welshy32d ago

Exactly, the majority of these sales were pre-disastrous launch when people thought it was going to be the greatest RPG of all time. Either in preorders or day 1 sales.

I highly doubt millions upon millions eagerly ran out and bought it once we got a peek behind the buggy curtain as to what the state of the game was really like.

anast32d ago

I bought it a week after release. It was what I expected and I am enjoying it, but I got it for the genre and knew years before there was now way it was going to be DO:2 of first person RPGs. They wanted it, but their dev. team was too small to pull it off, even under the best of circumstances and I don't take marketing speak as seriously as others.

Kabaneri33d ago

Im sure record amounts of people deleted it from their hard drive like I did after seeing what a broken POS it was.

CrimsonIdol32d ago

"hard drive"
there's your problem.

Kabaneri32d ago

I have a PS5 I'm just used to saying hard drive. SSD does not fix the ubiquitous bugs this game has.

Shiken32d ago

Put mine on a SSD, and it was fine.

But I am not defending them, it was advertised as a gen 8 game. No excuse for how it performed on gen 8 consoles.

DarthSocio33d ago

I'm getting it a year from now Hopefully it pulls off a No Man's Sky. Maybe I've gotten a bit old to buy games on release, I don't get that hyped for them. I don't mind waiting

instantstupor33d ago

Same. I've always been value minded, so I was already accustomed to waiting even just a couple of months before picking up a game. You'll save $20, sometimes $30 just waiting that short a time. And if you can wait 8-12 months, you might be able to buy a game for $20. Given the state that games usually launch in, and the fact I have a massive backlog already, I can't really ever see me buying games at launch.

Dee_9132d ago

I usually do the same. but considering how long ive been waiting on this game, I couldn't wait.. now it seems I have no choice.

OhReginald32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

They will not "No Man's Sky" this game. No Man's Sky is a procedural based game, cyberpunk 2077 has a complete story from beginning to end, and there is no changing that, no matter how underwhelming it all felt. And even the creators of cyberpunk 2077 said they were satisfied with how the game turned out and will only be patching the games bugs and crashing issues.

CrimsonIdol32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The game story etc is good though. It just requires some more spit shine to make amazing: obviously some bug fixes (most of the ones I've noticed have been patched) and improvements to some systems that weren't properly implemented. Things that you can clearly see ways of fixing. No Man's Sky required most of the game to to added.

OhReginald32d ago

I enjoyed all endings. So I'll give them that. But the whole story could have played out better. It seems way to rushed. Cut corners all over the place. The story mode didn't do it for me but ill excuse it if they just do something to overhaul the wanted system and NPC AI. Those are my biggest complaints currently.

31d ago
instantstupor33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Yeah, if we didn't have such a strong preorder culture then I think things could have gone differently.

Their Night City Wire videos on the depth and complexity of the city & game systems were clearly just false - among other issues, like the lack of transparency about the state of the game on base consoles. But as long as we keep giving money before we actually know the state and quality of what we're buying, we're going to continue to embolden companies to release games that are more-and-more broken that will just be fixed in post launch patches.

iplay1up232d ago

I have a Series X, and I am not buying this until it hits the $19.99 price point. I have other games to play. Like Valhalla, and Legion.

anast32d ago

I heard the XP boosters affect Valhalla, which is a shame. I would have day 1'd it if not for that.

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