So, who won 2008? - Gameplayer

Quote from article: Truth be told, we may never know for sure who 'won' 2008 - it's a fairly broad term (and hey, nobody wins in a console war).

But what we can do is go through the top 50 scoring games of the year on Metacritic, feed the information through Excel, and get it to spit out some purty lookin' charts. This gives us all a clearer picture of which publishers made awesome games, and which platforms most benefitted from these quality titles...

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chaosatom3697d ago

Let me guess what the word is


AngryTypingGuy3697d ago

Uh oh, looks like someone is dyslexic.

AngryTypingGuy3697d ago

When you look at the comments that people leave on this page, you realize that there are so many categories in which to judge a winner. Who had the most sales, who had the highest rated exclusives, who had the highest selling exclusives, who sold the most consoles, who has the most marketshare, who gained the most marketshare. No single company wins every category.

On top of that, there are so many things up for debate when it comes to exclusives, like should a game that's also on the PC be called an exclusive? True, the PC is a platform, but most people are either a console person or a PC person. I would like to play a couple of PS3 exclusives, but if MGS4 came out on the PC, would I buy it? Nope. Also, what about a game like BioShock? Yes it came out exclusive to PS3 this year, but at 360 owner could've played through that game many times over by now, since it's been out on the 360 for quite awhile.

My point is, there is no undisputed clear cut winner for many of these categories. I guess the be-all, end-all would be which company made the most profit. After all, that's the end game for each of these companies, right? Money? Yup. Nintendo spanked both.

littleBIGfail3697d ago

but even that doesn't hold much ground next to Xbox exclusives ...


Shane Kim3697d ago

MGS4 have sold like a million copies more than what is said on VG Charts though.

littleBIGfail3697d ago

so the error trend suits everybody ....


AngryTypingGuy3696d ago

How the hell does anyone know if a website's numbers are low? Are there other websites out there besides VG charts where you're getting this info? There must be, because you can't just make statements like that without something to back it up.

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Nathan Drake3697d ago

Highest rated console exclusives of 2008:LittleBigPlanet,closely followed by Metal Gear Solid 4.

Highest rated JRPG of the year and of this gen:Valkyria Chronicles

Highest selling HD console this year: Playstation 3

Biggest comeback of the year:PSP in Japan
----------------------------- --------------------

All in all,it looks like Sony won 2008

JuJuRMJ3697d ago

I Agree, and with the next uncharted and GOW 3 and GT5 and of course many more, It looks like Sony will take 2009 and 2010! Oh and another game titles Alpha Protocol looks very promising!

chaosatom3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

If u look at where ps3 was in 2006 to 2007 to 2008, Sony has made a lot of improvements.

And A ton more will follow.

Sure Microsoft also brought lots of Competition with fable, gears, price cut and price cut, but It only leaves Room for Sony to Sweep up next year.

With a batch of Price cuts and Exclusives, more Psn downloads, more Multiplatform games being lead on ps3. Ps3 will Simply get better.

Serjikal_Strike3697d ago

PS3 has won it hands down this year!

And my prediction they will win it again next year!

Bet on it!

gw4k3697d ago

It was the year of the 360...

But next year....Oh man, Sony, it looks like you got it in the bag!

Go Sony!

xenogamer3697d ago

but just barely, if it wasnt for MGS4, id say it would be a tie, played R2 and it was ok, Was all hyped up for LBP then got into the beta and realized it wasnt the game for me, motorstorm 2... i dont play "those" kinda games... valkyria, dont like SRPGs, the only saving factor was MGS4(since its one of the best games ive ever played) I know i am forgetting other games but i just cant remember, i only bought one game all year for my 360 and that was a multiplatform game fallout 3 (fvcking awesome btw) so yeah all in all it was a sh1tty gaming year for me, if it wasnt for F3 and MGS4, this would be the worse year, and theres other multiplatform games i played, but none of them are worth mentioning.

Captain_Sony3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Wii won followed by 360 then PS3.. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a delusional fanboy. You cant be first when you are dead last.
@below. the word for you is fanboy, not gamer. Anyone who thinks Sony won any year since release of the PS3 MUST be one. How the hell can you even try tp spin that into a good thing? Last place sales, the most next gen flops this gen. on equal terms with an American console in their home country...Sorry but its a fact. Only fanboys will try to say the PS3 won anything. Reality says something completely different that those of us who are not fanboys cannot ignore.
I dont mind disagrees, I know every single one comes from a fanboy and not a gamer.

JBaby3433697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Sony won in my opinion but then to me they won 2007 also. In the end, if you're a gamer you're winning.

@ captain sony: It depends what category when talking about dead last. Sales? yes MS and Sony got beat. Games? MS and Sony DESTROYED Nintendo considering they don't have a game I want to play and I would not buy their system. In my opinion Sony won followed by MS then Nintendo bringing up the rear.

will113697d ago

If you think PS3 won press agree. If you think Xbox 360 won press disagree.

Man_of_the_year3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

There is no doubt that Sony has made HUGE strides this year and has come a long way in console sales...however just by looking at the chart and basing an OPINION off the chart it clearly shows the 360 as the winner since simple mathematics show 16>14. However, there are other variables that happened during the 08 year that are not represented on the chart. These other variables could be argued by both sides of the fanboy fence and both be right. 08 was a very close year for both the PS3 and the 360.

I feel MS just barely nudged Sony aside to take the win, but that doesn't mean i am right as there are very good arguments that can be made that state why 08 was the year of Sony's PS3...

I have both and am very happy with the progress from both consoles and really anyone who thinks that the 360 destroyed the PS3 or vise versa is really just an ignorant fanboy who can't see the truth if it was right infront of their blind eyes.

Which in most cases usually is.

vitz33697d ago

2008 isn't over.

note the date:December 2nd.

DiabloRising3697d ago

Man of the Year. Well Said. I agree.

INehalemEXI3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

(handhelds not included)
Most Hours Played 08-





Most Hours Played w/ Lady 08





Most money spent on games (online service costs not included) 08





Most money spent 4 online services 08

PC-MMO's ...quit the payed ones while back though



Wii-Not a damb thang

I enjoy them all... yet the PS3 is the guilty pleasure and MGS4 was most memorable game of 08 for me. Those are the facts from my perspective. I know there are many other perspectives and I guess the only way we could fairly reach a "winner" is to ...poll it.

If were strictly talking sales we will know when the years over and the smoke clears who won the race for 2nd.

Something else of note.

Netflix on 360 is sweet.

PS3 Web browser's flash player is now also sweet.


NXE Shallow compared to Home but on time.

Home Shallow atm considering its still in a very limited beta form.
(thank goodness its shareable because I would still be waiting for an email if not.)

Worst letdown of 08... no KZ2 beta invite and Qore's beta emails that never came for me personally despite emails to Sony/PSU to fix the issue.

Best suprise my 360 has lasted the whole year with out need for repair/replacement. 28 days or so left in the year... Its safe to say it will make it though.

0verdrive3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

it really depends on what your definition of "win" is

360 is probably going to outsell the ps3 this year in hardware sales, but only by a tiny fraction; i believe ps3 is up right now, but probably will lose after the holiday season.

360 fans may say that is a victory for xbox, and ps3 fans may say that it is a victory for sony, considering the price difference and generally good sales all throughout the year.

ps3 seems to have more exclusives and big hitters this year, but they seemed to pale in comparison when you consider the sales of gears and fable. its all a matter of opinion and what your judging criteria is.

in my opinion, the ps3 wins in hardware sales because its twice as expensive as the 360, yet is selling on par, world wide, at least. microsoft wins in software sales, because they are making a buttload of money on the few franchises it has. ps3 gamers win because they get slightly more exclusives that seem a bit more varied.

and to whoever says that its "simple math" and that 16>14, please keep in mind that sony has 2 ps2 titles and 1 psp title. also, like 4 or 5 of those xbox titles in the top 50 are xbla games, i think there are only 2 psn titles. i dont really think its fair to include these games, as they have a smaller reviewer base and are not really full retail games. so, just keep in mind that its not "simple math"

Chicken Chaser3697d ago

1 - Well lets look at the facts:

Best seller console exclusives of 2008: Gears of War 2, Fable 2

Console with the highest rated games this year: Xbox 360- (16 games) .. * PS3 (14 games)*

Highest rated RPG of the year : Fable II - 89 ....... * Valkyria C.-86 *

Highest Rated Exclusive First Person Shooter of the Year : Left 4 Dead -89

Holiday 08 best HD hardware seller: Xbox 360

Console with the highest rated multiplatform games in 2008 : Xbox 360

Best Online Service in 2008: Xbox Live

----------------------------- ------------

All in all,it looks like xbox 360 won 2008

bviperz3697d ago

Best 'console exclusive' goes to MGS4.

0verdrive3697d ago

man do i disagree.

first of all mgs4 has outsold fable2 easily. so best selling exclusives would be gears2 and mgs4.

secondly there are 5 xbla titles out of the 16 top rated that xbox has, and 2 psn titles. these games are not full retail games, and have a smaller review base, and probably should be omitted.

thirdly hardware sales have been in ps3s favor all year, and will only be passed during the holiday season. considering the price difference, i still consider this a ps3 victory.

im not trying to destroy your post, but it seems to be very one sided, and you need to look at it from more than just the "green" angle.

Maxned3697d ago

This is hilarious! Im sorry, did you even read the article? You truly are a robot.

Rhoic3697d ago

In my opinion, the 360 won. It had the highest rated games this year. 2 games (MGS4 & LBP) do not equate to being 'worth more' than say 7 games rated 90%+ that the 360 has earned this year. The 360 has sold 2-1 at the least with all multi-platform games. The 360 won the holiday sales this year (biggest time of the year), and the 360 also had the largest announcements this year.

By the pie chart.. the 360 is barely winning. It's a very close one. You have to look at it all as a whole.. not something like "Well LBP has the highest score of any exclusive this year.. so it's obviously better than all other games that came out combined."

mikeslemonade3697d ago

Who plays 50 games? Not many people do. The top 5 games for PS3 easily tops the top 5 for 360 mainly because the top 5 games for 360 came out last year.

littletad3697d ago

Some spin your pulling. Yes Sony has two of the highest rated games of the year, but judging from that chart, the 360 has 2 more. So in reality it's pretty darn close. Now getting on to sales? Well that's another thing altogether. Gears is already or has sold 2 million and Fable 2 is reaching 2 million as well. Not too mention Fallout 3 sold more on the 360. MGS4 sold well as well, but Little Big Planet has yet to reach a million. So if the 360's winning in total highest rated exclusives AND sales, exactly how has Sony won?

jaysquared3697d ago

"Some spin your pulling. Yes Sony has two of the highest rated games of the year, but judging from that chart, the 360 has 2 more. So in reality it's pretty darn close. Now getting on to sales? Well that's another thing altogether. Gears is already or has sold 2 million and Fable 2 is reaching 2 million as well. Not too mention Fallout 3 sold more on the 360. MGS4 sold well as well, but Little Big Planet has yet to reach a million. So if the 360's winning in total highest rated exclusives AND sales, exactly how has Sony won? '

Its because PS3 fans on this site are dilusional and there a lot of them here. They still think the PS3 is so much better than the 360(just look at mikelemonade comment)even though most multiplat games are better on the 360. Here is a list of predictions and beliefs the PS3 fans on this site have said the last 2 years.

-LBP is going to be a system seller and is going to be the new mario or youtube.
-The 360 will die when the PS3 launches(didn't happen), when Heaven Sword/Lair/Motorstorm lauches(didn't happen again), When MGS IV lauches(did happen part 2), when R2 and LBP lauches(again didn't happen), when or if HOME launches(not out yet but it probably will not happen),
-The PS3 will own 2006-Fail!!
-The PS3 will own 2007-Fail!!
-The PS3 will own 2008-Fail!!
-The PS3 will end up winning this console war. Still to be determined but its going to take a miracle for it to sell more than the Wii or even the 360. Last I check the PS3 was still 7 million behind the 360 in overall sale and the 360 will just add more to that after this holiday!

Yeah judging from that list the PS3 doensn't look to good. But hey at least most PS3 fans are living in a make up world where Sony is still best and the king of consoles. If they weren't we would hear a lot of suicides by PS3 fans. So keep living in the make believe world PS3 fans we dont want Sony fanbase to go down and if that happens there goes Sony. M$ and nintendo need competition to keep improving their products.

Danja3697d ago

PS3 won hands down , no going around has sold better than the 360 all year total World Wide sales..

it has the 2 Highest Rated exclusives of the year..

it has the biggest selling exclusive of the Year so Far..MGS4..

PSN has made huge strides...

and it had the best support of 1st party games...

littletad3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

The worldwide console sales is still debatable and we do not know if Sony truly won. Here's the chart for Jan.-Sep.

Sony won by 1.4 million in total world wide sales for the first 3 quarters combined. Now, I know most of you hate vg chartz, but it's all I could find and it's late. K, starting October the 360 beat the ps3 every week worldwide, by 20-40k.

Now here is where it gets intersting. Remember Microsoft said it outsold the ps3 3-to-1? Well it turns out it's true.

That's nearly 500k more than the ps3 worldwide in just one week. In other words, the 360 is on the verge of closing the gaping lead in the fourth quarter. Yes, Metal Gear Solid is the highest rated and biggest selling exclusive at 3.5 million. But Gears 2 is already 2.8 million in a fraction of the time it's been on shelves compared to Metal Gear. And Fable 2 is already at 1.74 million and Littlebigplanet is about to hit 1 mil. Now the other two arguments are opinions, though I do agree with you they have better first party support. The point is, the ps3 hasn't won "Hands down".

@Pimp Daddy

Ease up. Trust me, Danja isn't a blind Sony fanboy. He simply prefers the ps3 more and owns both consoles, such as I the opposite. We can at least legitimately argue on here without being fascist fanboys. And I'm quite sure there's no such thing as gang raping someones bubbles unless he or she actually deserves that by posting spam. And just for the sake of that possibly happening I gave you a bubble. So next time just try being a gamer, not a hater. Gaming life is so much better outside fanboyism ;).

PimpDaddy3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Does being a Sony tool pay well??? Let me break down the ignorance of your statement. I don't care if you and your PS3 owning buddies rape my bubbles or get me banned to the open zone. The amount of pure blasphemy coming from the SDF on this site makes me sick.

1.) PS3 won hands down , no going around has sold better than the 360 all year total World Wide sales..

Prove it. Show me sales numbers Fud boy. Let me put it to you this way just in the past 3 months Microsoft has erased any lead the PS3 had this year. NPD, ChartTrack, etc... all show the 360 outselling the PS3 by huge margins. Not to mention all the different times the 360 outsold the PS3 in Japan.

2.) it has the 2 Highest Rated exclusives of the year..

LBP hasn't even sold over 1 million yet in 1 month's time. It had to be bundled in Japan, and MGS4 was bundled everywhere. Don't even get me started on R2's dismal sales, and the fact that multiplatform games perform much better on the 360. Oh and Gears2 and Fable2 say hi.

3.) it has the biggest selling exclusive of the Year so Far..MGS4..

Too bad those numbers have been artificially inflated due to bundling. Oh and I'm thinking Gears2 will have something to say about it before the end of the year.

4.) PSN has made huge strides...

Yes. I agree. PSN has made huge strides in trying to catch up to XBL. I know. I play on both PSN and XBL. However once again NXE says hi.

5.) and it had the best support of 1st party games...

How do you figure??? 3rd party games sell better on the PS3 than 1st party games do. MGS4 is a 3rd party game, GTA4 is a 3rd party game. COD4 is a 3rd party game. Those 3 games are in the top 5 lifetime game sales for the PS3. Notice 2 of them had to be bundled, oh and the other top 2 games were RFOM and Motorstorm. Did I mention they had to be bundled too???

Edit: littletad, I am sorry but for every supposed nuetral or non fanboy comment Danja might make, he spews his fanboy crap the next time around. I lost 2 bubbles over the course of 3 comments last month. One of my comments was to complain about finally getting RROD after 2 1/2 years of owning 2 different 360's. So believe me I know about agendas on this website. For the longest time I had one of Nasim's accounts tracking my every comment and hitting disagree. I know I am a marked man on this website. Because I am the SDF's worse nightmare. A PS3 owner who isn't stuck on Sony's jock. I own all 3 consoles. Though I prefer my 360, I am not some blind 360 defending fanboy either. All 3 consoles get love from me. I checked out Danja's profile and it says Play B3yond. I rest my case.

tatotiburon3697d ago

Another year, another xbox 360 victory, nuff said

Skadoosh3697d ago

Well people are talking to soon about who won 2008. December just started and that is the most important month of the year. Currently the 360 is outselling the ps3 by an easy 3:1 margin. At this rate the 360 will outsell the ps3 by 1.2 million consoles. Also consider that LBP and R2 just came out and didn't even create a small dent to the lead of the 360. 360 is having the best sales EVER. Check the list, the 360 has better rated games than the ps3. Numbers don't lie. The 360 takes another year just like every other year.

0verdrive3696d ago

a lot of people are forgetting that the xbox costs half of the ps3. shouldnt it be DECIMATING the ps3? just barely edging by because of christmas sales is not a victory for microsoft, if you ask me. what happens when the ps3 drops to $3/400? $250/350?

i know its been a tired argument, but seriously, when the ps3 starts getting into people's budgets, they are going to sell a lot better than they did this year, thats for sure; and this year they sold on par with the 360, all things considered.

jaysquared3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

"a lot of people are forgetting that the xbox costs half of the ps3. shouldnt it be DECIMATING the ps3? just barely edging by because of christmas sales is not a victory for microsoft, if you ask me. what happens when the ps3 drops to $3/400? $250/350? "

Sony dominated the last two console wars, supposedly there are 100 million + PS2 owners who are waiting to upgrade to the PS3. Because of that Sony shouldn't be getting their asses handed to them by Nintendo and M$. Last gen Sony outsold their competion 5-1 and now they are getting outsold by the 360 by 3-1 and by Nintedo even by a larger margin. Sony themselves said that if the PS3 doesn't sell 100 million + it will be considered a failure. So you can pretty much say that the PS3=Fail! But hey at least it helped them win Blu Ray vs HD DVD wars and we all know that's where Sony's priorities were.

"i know its been a tired argument, but seriously, when the ps3 starts getting into people's budgets, they are going to sell a lot better than they did this year, thats for sure; and this year they sold on par with the 360, all things considered. "

How can you say that when the year is not even over yet? Sony just got outsold 3:1 in the biggest shopping week. They got outsold 2:1 by the 360 last NPD. Currenlty right now the 360 has outsold the PS3 in Europe with all the price cuts.

boodybandit3696d ago

The gamer.
Especially those gamers that are multiple console owners.

It's sad that the gaming media has taken their journalism / reporting to tabloid levels. Here's to hoping for a day when us "gamers" can talk about gaming as a whole instead of arguing over which console or game developer is better than the other. These articles get no where but they fuel sites like this. The articles about game development in general barely get passed 200 to 300 degrees while articles like this one end up over a 1000 with in a day.

Sheddi3696d ago

Why do people care about sales :S
I dont give a SH!T about sales!
Look at shadow of colossus.
In my eyes as a gamer I think that the best console is the one that brought out most quality games.

This generation isnt about games anymore...what is wrong with people :S

SL1M DADDY3696d ago


You might want to check out what the term exclusive means. It's a great game but last time I checked, it was on the PC... And plays better on the PC.

Danja3696d ago

Im not a blind fan boy dude....everyone knows that i prefer the PS3 , i've never hide that I do..

as for my fanboy comments , I only make those so called comments if it's necessary so spare me..when you ever 360 fanboys decide to come into PS3 articles and spout crap that's when i do..

as for the "Play Beyond"...I happen to just like that Tag Line so I used it on my profile....whats wrong with you see me..adding it at the end of my some ppl..nopes...I try to be fair..when I make my comments...and as I said im a lil bit biased towards the PS3.....but that doesn't mean I dont won other consoles...

PS3 still won this year BTW..^>^

0verdrive3696d ago

just because sony dominated last gen is by no means reason for anyone to believe that all the ps2 users are just going to "jump on board" the ps3, especially at the high price its at right now. what im saying is that because of the price difference, the gap should be every widening, and it is not. what im pointing out is that wen the ps3 actually does become affordable, its going to see a huge surge i sales, because a lot of ps2 fans are going to jump on it.

and i claim that ps3 is selling on par based on vgchartz, which we all know is not really a super reliable source, but its the most convenient and accessible that we have. according to vgchartz, ps3 has a slim margin over 360 as of november, i think it was a little less than 1m consoles. yes, the xbox will outsell ps3 this christmas based on price, but regardless, unless they sell more than 3m consoles this christmas, which i highly doubt, the numbers will be close, ie "on par".

Saint Sony3696d ago

Why does LBP sell badly with that rating? When you find answer to that you know the winner.

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grantps33697d ago

its was more like "most exclusives no matter how bad they are" i mean haze was probubly counted for ps3 and exclusive DLC probubly counted for 360...

PS3 : )

power of Green 3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

PS3 AAA's flopped and PS3 is getting murdered in sales, I say MSFT's market share growth is the only victory that matters as that causes Sony's market share to shrink.

PS3's inferior hardware is starting to be known, its lackluster console software is being looked at too.

krouse933697d ago

Inferior Hardware for teh PS3?????????? WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? PS# has teh Cell Brodband Processor to better because of the 8 cores More than twice that of the 360's processor adn PS3 has Blu Ray how is that in anyway inferior to a dvd only playing 360? God Damn ignorance of some people oh and 360 only has 3 cores.

ultimolu3697d ago

PoG, take your FUD and SHOVE IT.

Seriously, you are an idiot.

PoSTedUP3697d ago

lol he said MS market share! XDXDXD oh man you are oblivious pog.

the psp+ psp sftware, the ps2+ ps2 software, the ps3+ ps3 software.

wii+ wii software DS+ Ds software

360+ 360 software <------ lol just look at it, pathetic.....

you must know nothing about market share doggie....

xenogamer3697d ago

mgs4 was a AAA game and it did just fine, you guys are dumb, dont reply back. Go eat some chinese food hhhmmm i love chinese food.

3697d ago
Snake Raiser3697d ago

BIG BOSS dosen't like it when people contradict themselves in their own sentences! +snaps neck+ You say that a AAA title flops?!?! You know that is an oxymoron right?

NewZealander3697d ago

you are becoming a bigger fanboy everyday, i don't own a ps3 yet, as i have already stated the only reason i haven't picked one up yet is i just cant justify the price, but at the end of the day its still a great console, and i would hardly call the games lack luster, theres plenty im waiting to play on ps3, only once the price drops.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3697d ago

So... when is one of those "8 cores" going show anything that a $250 console can't? after all 98% of all games still look and run better on a 360. Go put some denial glasses on, I'm sure you don't wanna read this much truth.

littleBIGfail3697d ago

is that on paper the PS3 is at least twice if not 3 times as powerful as te xbox ...

but in reality, there still isn't a developer whocan harness the power to any great degree, and there isn't a gaming company that can afford the investmeent and increased development time to write any games that are much better than any xbox title.

Inferior by proxy ;-)

Magic_The_Celt3696d ago

ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 2 bubbles

jcfilth3696d ago

"PS3's inferior hardware is starting to be known"

yeah you're right!! that's why it is between the 500 super-computers in the world!!

The 360 is better because it the number 1 product in the world with the highest failure rate. You are right.

Foxgod3696d ago

the ps3 is not between the 500 super computers.
The super computer you mentioned is a cluster of modified cell processors.

All the other 499 super computers are mostly composed of processors that fall in the same category as the 360. x86.

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SlappingOysters3697d ago

It has been an impressive year for EA of all people. They really did buy smartly over the last couple of years.

Cryos3697d ago

If you drop PC gaming and just go consoles and handhelds......

X360 = 18
PS3 = 17
Wii = 7
DS = 4
PSP = 2
PS2 = 2

If you drop handheld and PC, and just go consoles......

PS3 = 21
X360 = 20
Wii = 7
PS2 = 2

So what does it all mean? PS3 and the 360 are the places for games.

0verdrive3696d ago

i believe if you drop the xbla and psn games, the margin will increase even more. retail games should only be considered, imo. dlc and psn/xbla games have a smaller critic base and and tiny releases in comparison to full retail games.