PlayStation Plus Discounts Let’s You Get 2 Years For Only $58 & One Year For $30

PlayStation Plus discounts get you two years for only $58. The deal will also net you a PS Plus subscription for one year for only $30.

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potatoseal41d ago

1 year of PS Plus for under $30 -- 2 years for under $60

No expiration date. Code is valid only for the UNITED STATES PSN account.

darthv7240d ago

Great deal to get me back into PS+. I still have some PSP/PS3 games that should reactivate when I do.

dhammalama40d ago

Any canadians who went ahead and bought this even though it says US store only? Curious if that's true or if this would actually work for canadian PSN.

Ninver40d ago

Why can't we ever get these in the AU

isarai41d ago

Sucks, it's considered an international transaction, doesn't jive well with my bank so i can't purchase it :/

PitbullMonster40d ago

Try 1year US PS+ for 26€.

solideagle40d ago

beware of a website called I got scammed for 40 pounds and they sent me reused key :( I asked for refund but they are not giving me and giving me excuses even though I gave them proof that Sony sent, key was used 2 hours before I created login on the website...

Fluke_Skywalker40d ago

Every time it's on sale I buy a couple of years. I think I'm paid up to 2028 now 😅

Hellcat202040d ago

I used to do that but now it also Gamepass ultimate and Switch online on top of my ps plus subscription
Gaming isn't cheap

Nuvem40d ago

Give up Gamepass and it will be much cheaper :)

DOMination-40d ago

But then where else would you play the best games of this generation for free

MasterChief362440d ago (Edited 40d ago )


Paying a subscription is not free.

SmoothC91140d ago

Damn I thought I was bad up until 2025 lol

potatoseal40d ago

You're not fit to polish that man's shoes lol. That man has the whole gen on lock down. /jk

potatoseal40d ago

You glorious bastard. Lol nice work.

SmoothC91139d ago

Guess I’ll have to buy another 4 years to regain the crown
j/k even I can’t do that lol

badz14940d ago

The bargain god. If these codes are physical, you would be a damn scalper LOL

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MrSugarholic40d ago

I swear there's always good cheap prices for US folk, but nothing for us here in the UK. Really sucks.

potatoseal40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Yeah same here in Australia. I just have to wait for the deal that pops up on the PSN. When the PSN store throws me a bone, I jump on it. I'm paid up until the end of 2023.

MrSugarholic39d ago

But they are nothing like the prices that US users can pay. The maximum discounts I've seen are 10-20% and thats from a RRP price which I could swear is more than the price in the US. £49.99 ≈ $68.39.

Also not happy with the price hikes for games on the PS5. They can expect me not to buy games day 1 when I finally get a PS5, and to wait for heavy price drops, because if the prices are making me wait I might as well wait all the way.

BattleCat40d ago

I dont know why sony licks so much the us. Thats not smart. Europe is your Heart and best Fanbase and it always gets behind. Without europe, playstation wouldnt make it far! We always paid the most!

HusbandAndWifeGaming40d ago

It's not an official deal it's a reseller

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