Opinion: Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold Price Hike Isn't a Good Look

A sudden, drastic price change of Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold in the middle of a period of economic uncertainty is an unexpected move from a company that’s built a track record of doing right by gamers.

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RazzerRedux41d ago

"Existing Gold subscribers on a 6- or 12-month membership will continue to have their memberships renewed at the old rates. I suspect that’s most of the people reading this, but again, punishing new players at the start of a generation in which Microsoft is looking to regain some of the marketshare it lost to Sony last generation is (say it with me) not a good look."

Crucial point. This was an Xbox One level mistake. If Sony is smart they will let Microsoft dig their own grave with this and refuse to hike prices. Time will tell.

Godmars29041d ago

Even considering this as example for Sony, they've allowed f2p on PlayStation since day-one offering f2p. Likewise PS+ has never been as required as XBLG which seems to need to be shamed and self-embarrassed into removing things like f2p from behind their paywall.

moriarty188940d ago

wonder who the idiot was that thought this was a consumer friendly idea.......Satya, Phil, Major Nelson.........or all of them.

SullysCigar40d ago

Microsoft are just another of the insidious 'big tech' American conglomerates,no better than Apple, Google or Amazon. They're too big and wealthy and think they control us - and they kind of do...just look what happened to Parler!

Time for a change. And Microsoft pulling an 'Xbox 180' on this particular issue doe NOT make it okay. If the sheeple kept their mouths shut, they'd be ripping off people as per the plan - only the fear of an Xbox One launch-style backlash and how that might impact their coffers has made them do an about face.

This shows they've learned nothing since X1 launch fiasco. They can't even pretend to keep their nose clean and they don't deserve our support.

moriarty188940d ago

well said Sullyscigar. Agreed 100%.

Exthun40d ago

No tweets from xboxp3 on the subject

TheProblem40d ago

“from a company that’s built a track record of doing right by gamers.”

Haha. What?

Sprucegoose7740d ago

Beat me to it. I had to do a double take and make sure they were talking about Microsoft! lol

potatoseal41d ago

"Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold Price Hike Isn't a Good Look"

Just might be the understatement of the year so far.

"built a track record of doing right by gamers"

How though? I get the gamepass angle and I agree with that for sure, but Last gen? Just a poor showing of games compared to the competition. Sony released amazing award winning exclusives all gen and in 2020 before the new consoles launched, while MS has next to nothing in 2020 for their console in comparison. The end of the 360 life-cycle was the same, when their competition were releasing amazing exclusives right up unitl the end. Look at their launch titles for Series X and compare to PS5. See their mapped out 2021 and compare to Sony's mapped out 2021. It's just not even close.

I'm not saying their future doesn't look a little brighter with their aquisitions, but don't act like they've done right by gamers who really, only want to play great games and lots of them.

Geez, if MS has "built a track record" then Sony own the blueprints and building materials MS used to build the damn 'track record'.

Jericho133741d ago

Here you are again, no Xbox but complaining about it anyway. As you quite rightly said in the comments on the other story, people are outraged about this... there just all PlayStation owners 😂

Seriously though, the move is admittedly anti-consumer, no arguments with that. But it’s clear that they’re looking to phase out this subscription model in favour of gamepass. As a Series X owner, I’m currently enjoying 3 months of it for £1, and with the amount of rewards you get from unlocking achievements it’s unlikely I’ll need to pay too dollar any time soon (plus £10.99 a month is pocket change in the grand scheme of things).

Kilua41d ago

Rubbish comment.

"As you quite rightly said in the comments on the other story, people are outraged about this... there just all PlayStation owners"

Mind-blowing. Absolutely mind-blowing how rubbish your comment is .

Imalwaysright40d ago

As mainly a PC gamer in my opinion those playstation owners are your biggest allies. I don't have any social media accounts but hopefully they go on to twitter and facebook and make all the noise they can because MS is literally asking Xbox gamers to bendover and... well you know where I am going with this

Jericho133741d ago

They’ve gone back on it now anyway so you can stop complaining.

RazzerRedux40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

You should be thanking those who complained.

Jericho133740d ago

I’ll give the gaming community their props for forcing a multinational corporation into a reserving a major business decision. As a gamepass ultimate subscriber, I has no effect on me either way.

I’m not sure its healthy for people to still be finding negatives from the outcome though. People who spend all day on the internet spreading negativity are the absolute dregs of society.

Sciurus_vulgaris41d ago

I don’t understand the point of raising the price of Gold. Shouldn’t it be Gamepass receiving a price hike? Subscription services that rely on licensing are low profit. I can easily afford the raised price of live gold, but I find doubling the price of gold to be ludicrous. Microsoft is also probably decreasing the profit margins of first party titles by encouraging people to rent instead of buy.

franwex41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I think they are trying to make people go to Game Pass instead of Gold.

Latex7441d ago

I think this is to make game pass look more appealing .

Kavorklestein41d ago

But it already is more appealing. This plan totally backfired but it's whatever now.

Knightofelemia41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

They are only jacking up the price because it includes Gamepass something I don't want and I don't want crammed down my throat. I just want Gold that's it should have kept that option as well I would have paid to renew another year. As it stands in April 2021 I don't think I am renewing my membership and just go back to Playstation.

TheGreatGazoo3041d ago

Why? The price hasn't increased for people that are renewing.

Knightofelemia41d ago

Yes and I am suppose to renew in March

Sophisticated_Chap41d ago

This is a terrible look, and pretty much guarantees that I won't be playing online on an Xbox of any kind. Also, I couldn't care less about Game Pass from my own personal point of view. I don't need 100 games, and have no desire to play that many video games in a month, or even in a year.

I purchase the games I want to play, and in terms of new games, that might be 2 or 3 games per year. I'm alright with paying full price for a game I really like on day one. I don't want to be on a subscription, and I personally think that Xbox has missed a golden opportunity to make Xbox a really attractive platform by making online play free, attracting a massive amount of players to the platform, while offering Game Pass as an optional subscription with exceptional value for younger demographics, which I'm sure would do well on its own merits.

neutralgamer199241d ago

I agree I much rather than rent

Sciurus_vulgaris41d ago

I have gotten a game ultimate twice. My issue with it is that I don’t have the time, nor interest to play most of the games in the subscription. I would rather buy titles like psychonauts 2 and Halo:infinite outright as discs since I like to collect. Plus, I buy many physicalgames on sale [often new] to add to my collection.

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