Vicarious Visions deserves to be more than a Blizzard support team

Vicarious Visions has been folded into Blizzard, which is not a good way to go out as the team has released two great games in the past few years.

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Knightofelemia35d ago

Least they are still a studio for now probably moving to save money on rent. If it was EA you would be basically shut down the lights turned off either work in another studio or told to pack your bags.

Donnie8135d ago

I’m gonna tell you something crazy about EA . They are actually a pretty good company to work for. I can only speak for the Redwood CA campus because that’s the only place I ever worked but my experience was fantastic. They have a huge campus there with their headquarters and a couple of dev teams in house. There’s a Starbucks in house a nice cafeteria and a beautiful recreation-park that it’s very common to see people playing ultimate frisbee or passing a football. A few times a month they grill everything from steaks to veggie burgers and feed everyone that works there. A few times a week people from different teams and departments get together and brainstorm on ideas for games or work through issues. I subcontracted for them a few years back for around 6 months and my experience with them was very good. I made a few very good friends there and they are super happy working there. I think the days of ea being looked at as heartless and a terrible company are outdated and Andrew Wilson has really done a good job at turning the place into a great atmosphere to create in.

Eviltattoo 35d ago

That's awesome to hear. I wonder why some people voted down your comment. It seems people WANT EA to be the corporate embodiment of evil incarnate.

monkey60235d ago

Thats awesome!

I spent a short period in Microsoft in Ireland and it was a load of fun. Team briefings had group games for team building. We got credit cards for vending machines and all sorts of free gear. It was tough too but fun all the same. The only thing I will say is they very much expect you to drink the coolaid. You have to believe they are the best at everything they do and cant have any negative thoughts.

My cousin works for Epic and has done for years. He tours with them around the world (pre pandemic anyway) hosting fortnite competitions and gets full funded trips in great hotels in the worlds biggest cities, he gets fed and well paid. He absolutely adores it.

Donnie8133d ago

Some people just are haters. Ea makes good games and I definitely enjoy the perks of having a couple friends in the marketing department there. I can almost always score a review code or few.
A lot of the huge companies are like that they expect you to drink the koolaide and I can tell you Amazon is the worst I’ve ever seen for that. I actually worked at a company that was bought by Microsoft and was offered a position but it required me to relocate. I had just met the woman that’s my wife and I decided to stay closer to her. I guess it worked out because my marriage has last longer than the company they purchased. Lol I’ll give you a hint it was a major player in the cellular business but by the time ms bought them they were all but dead. Also that’s cool ol dude helps put on fortnite tournaments probably a fun gig. He can honestly say he works in the gaming industry.