Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.1 Now Available for Download

Patch 1.1 for Cyberpunk 2077 is now available on PC, consoles and Stadia!

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masterfox33d ago

Will check this on my PS5 once I got out of work, really good CDPR is fixing this but cant deny is a big WTF they release a game on these conditions and it was worst originally, seriously look at the list , fix, fix, fix and pure fix. Lol.

alextdarling33d ago

What else would you expect from a patch list?

Great to see a list of fixes but unfortunately not yet good enough for me to launch the game.

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SimpleSlave33d ago

CDPR is not fixing the game but salvaging their reputation. Bit of a difference there. Intent does matter in this case.

Sadly, they'll only be able to fix what's broken(maybe) not what's missing. Again, big difference.

Too many gameplay and design concessions were made in order to release it. So unless they No Man Sky the shit out of it the game will still be a shell of what it was promised and it'll suck regardless.

RgR33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Absolutely ridiculous. It's almost like cyberpunk was the second coming for some people.

Is it any worse...storywise and combat wise than the witcher 3?

Why would anyone have grandiose expectations for a game coming from a dev who has only ever done one ip and who has not experience with fps....


Turn on the brain. It's there for a reason.

How exactly do you fix something that isn't in the game?

SimpleSlave33d ago


I don't really know nor care if Cyberjunk 2077 was the second coming or not. All I know is that at this current state is trash, management is trash and the game was gutted from what CDRED PROJEKT themselves promised. Not my fault.

Second of all I couldn't care less about the Witcher 3 as that's a different type of game from a different series with a different agenda, goals and vision. So...yeah. Not relevant. Unless you're talking about the crunch culture and the workers abuse...then in that case, you have a point...I guess.

"Why would anyone have grandiose expectations for a game coming from a dev..." Stop it right there buddy. No need to go any further.
I didn't have any grandiose expectations I just hold them to what they themselves promised. Again, their fault not mine.

If a dev promises a jump button and they don't deliver then, yeah, fuck them. They lied and they suck. If a dev promised a full blow RPG system mirroring the Cyberpunk source material and a myriad of other gameplay mechanics, not currently present, and instead vomits whatever this is then, yeah, fuck them. They lied and they suck (management and higher-ups not the workers).

Turn on the brain. It's there for a reason."

Oof, I see you struck while the irony was hot, didn't you?

"How exactly do you fix something that isn't in the game?"
If I need to explain it, while at the same time name dropping No Man Sky, then I would be wasting my time. You clearly have mastered the counter ability of
turning off that brain at will. Brilliant.

At the very least we now know your Google-Fu skills are lacking, maybe even your reading comprehension skills as well.

👍👌So Sad!!!👌👍

TheExecutioner33d ago

Expect path version that will make game full experience

patriz42033d ago

My problem is the fact that all the bugs aside, cyberpunk is extremely boring, shallow and uninspired....
Gonna take one he'll of a patch..

ManMarmalade33d ago

Its def not shallow and uninspiring. The dialogue and voice acting is great, the world is big, and there are a LOT of dialogue options including ones I didn't get that my other friends had for their playthroughs. I actually really enjoyed V's voice actor for both the male and female voiceover. The game is really fun. The combat is even fun. They just need to tune the AI, fix more bugs, and add some more features.
Car customization would be nice, more story quests, more races, more explorable buildings, even a subway would be fun as hell to explore. Game is honestly missing some content but it's not a bad game despite these things. I thouroughly enjoyed the story.

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Daddy-Like33d ago

This game should have never been released on last-gen consoles. How many of these problems could have been fixed before release if they hadn’t bothered with the One/PS4 ?

neutralgamer199233d ago

While you have a point they made witcher 3 on last gen consoles. This game shouldn't have issue running on pro and x. Bottom line is this game need one more year of development. Other big open world games run good on last generation consoles and this game isn't doing anything that hasn't been done before where it can't run on last generation consoles. Cyberpunk isn't a next generation RPG it's barely an RPG so CDPR hyped this as the next best thing but we will have to wait for others like R* to deliver

Sciurus_vulgaris33d ago

Whilst Cyberpunk 2077 was announced in 2012, it never start full development until 2016. It wouldn’t be wrong to question whether or not the XB1/PS4 were ever the actual target hardware. Cyperpunk 2077 only runs well on the PS5 and Series S/X due to raw hardware power and fast memory. High end PC was must of always been the hardware target, and the tile was poorly scaled down to last gen consoles.

anast33d ago

2016 - 2020 it was advertised for last gen. It was their target but hey couldn't make it work, because apparently no one on their staff had any serious experience dealing with the AAA console space. So, they panicked and fell back on what they knew, they made it for high end PCs without telling anyone. I also think it was in deeper dev. before 2016, but they are saying this to not look stupid, but this is just speculation.

patriz42033d ago

You do understand what money is right?

anast32d ago

Yeah, that's why they panicked. Try losing even a thousand dollars and tell me how your stomach feels after that.

Profchaos33d ago

Im wondering what the active player count is these days. I know once I beat the main story I was finished with the game until next gen versions drop and the bugs are fixed curious to what the stats look like now it's been a bit over a month

CantThinkOfAUsername33d ago

Just an indication (not a conclusion) to active player count:

BrainSyphoned33d ago

A drop in the bucket hotfix list made to sound more important than it is.

got_dam33d ago

I'm still having fun. Its a shit show of a release... and "apologies...." I still enjoy it, though. Hope there are lessons learned.

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