Resident Evil multiplayer needs to ditch PVP and find its niche

Resident Evil multiplayer games have been mostly pretty bad and RE: Verse looks like it will continue that trend. So why does the series keep trying to do PVP games?

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Rangerman1208149d ago

Personally, they should really ditch the PvP direction and just bring back Outbreak.

Sonic-and-Crash149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Capcom have derailed themselves with the series , dont know a thing what to do ...i think they feel lost , they develop whatever comes to mind to clueless-with-gaming-marketing managers and whatever see popular on social media without planning

For Example " fans want Old Resi characters which have become gaming mascots ?...ok then throw them in a crappy made MP game alltogether ,to fight in PVP arenas like a cheap brother of Fortnite"

If some type of MP game can be made within REvil lore , this should have been like Outbreak (which judging by the new gen of gamers wouldnt have success) or somthing like L4D but in Third Person with attention to detail (gunplay , limited resources, slow realistical actions (not CODstyle) detailed world and believable scenarios) , confronting waves of enemies cooperatively never gets old and always will be classic

Knightofelemia149d ago

Campaign co-op or even a horde mode would be good I hate pvp RE as a franchise doesn't need pvp. What's next RE9 has battle royal like Fortnite?

porkChop149d ago

They should just do some kind of co-op horde mode with a twist. PvP just doesn't make sense for RE.

Cikatriz_ESP149d ago

Call of Duty does zombies better than Resident Evil, a series about zombies.

149d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.