Second Extinction For Xbox Series X, Xbox One, & PC Gets New Trailer All About The "Thumper"

Today developer Systemic Reaction released a new trailer of its upcoming co-op shooter Second Extinction, showing off the Thumper.

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Kerppamaister34d ago

This game needs a big enemy variety to remain interesting. So far we've only seen a handful of enemy types...

34d ago
rlow134d ago

Agreed, but what can you expect from a game about blowing dinos up? This reminds me of Serious Sam but with just dinos.

Kerppamaister34d ago

I just hope they have more to show. Like L4D. It's only blowing up zombies, right?

34d ago
Daddy-Like34d ago

It could be interesting, but that’s the kind of trailer you make for DLC. Not to show off a brand new IP that people know nothing about...