Resident Evil Village: the Maiden demo examined on PlayStation 5

4K, ray tracing, performance and more discussed by the team.

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Welshy43d ago

The demo looks absolutely stunning. I just upgraded to a 4k HDR TV and HDR is a serious game changer for me.

There are occasional FPS dips but overall I found it super smooth to play, it's just weird that the trailer they shared had such a choppy framerate when the gameplay isn't like that at all.

AKS43d ago

I haven't managed to land a PS5 yet (like most people who want one), but I watched the demo at 4K/ HDR on an OLED earlier today. Looks very detailed.

Neonridr43d ago

I can't wait to try this out on my LG C9. Happy to see we are getting some solid performance along with great visuals.

jjb198143d ago

This is one of the most visually impressive games I have ever played. The engine is amazing. The detail on the ornate furniture is insane.

Aussiesummer43d ago

Looks great but not next gen, the textures are low rez when you get close, the ray tracing is weak and no dynamic shadows, if only they'd stuck to a new gen only release we'd have seen more of this graphical goodness. As it stands its still a looker but its still only a demo so I'm hoping they bump it all up upon release.

Deathdeliverer42d ago

I’m surprised they didn’t notice the weird shadows on certain stuff. If anyone still has it downloaded, near the beginning there’s chains hanging down in a archway in the area with cells in the dungeon. One of which is long enough for you to walk into. The shadow of the chain is tied to the chain, not the light. It’s the weirdest thing I’d ever seen. It’s like it’s two chains (not the rapper) one is a shadow and the other is in front of it. It really looks weird when you position the shadow to cast on the wall. Nope. It’s just in the air but it’s a shadow.

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The story is too old to be commented.