Is New Pokémon Snap Worth the $60 Asking Price?

KeenGamer: "Gorgeous as it is, and fueled by pokémania-inscribed nostalgia, is New Pokémon Snap worth the $60 asking price, all things considered? Each new trailer has shown all that this series needs to properly evolve into the current generation, but given the previous entry, do they intend to go above and beyond in terms of content and innovation?"

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Outlawzz33d ago

Definitely not from what Ive seen

Inverno33d ago

No, it's worth 60 plus the additional 30 dollars the inevitable DLC will cost

monkey60233d ago

I've asked that of a LOT of switch games to be honest. Theres quite a lot I have yet to get because they never go down in price either

DarkZane33d ago

Unless this game has 3-4 times the amount of content the original had, then no it's definitely not worth $60.

Tacoboto33d ago

The original Snap was standard MSRP, $50-$60 USD back then (first party varied title to title, if we remember). With precedent, yes, this one is "worth it" justifiably as much as the original was.

ABizzel133d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Blockbuster was the best place to buy games from back then. I was really young, but I remember not wanting to take Smash Bros. back after we rented it, and my mom called and basically said if we lost the game how much would it be to replace it, and Blockbuster charged us $25 for what was a $60 - $80 game new in-store.

As for this, I'd say after all the Switch games I've played IMO 90% of Switch games be $40 or less at launch. I can't speak on this because I haven't played it, but I'm getting the $40 itch.

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The story is too old to be commented.