New Games with Gold for February 2021 Featuring Gears 5 and More

Dean Shimabukuro, Sr. Marketing Program Manager, Xbox: "The February Games with Gold lineup is here! On Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, experience one of gaming’s most acclaimed sagas in Gears 5, survive against the living dead in the horror-thriller title that started it all with Resident Evil, and experience the gorgeous and imaginative world of Salt in the action-adventure platformer Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition. And for our classic lineup via Backward Compatibility, crack your whip and get ready to explore in Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb, and return to the troubled world of E.D.N III in the action-shooter, Lost Planet 2."

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littletad83d ago

Ahhh finally a decent month, destined to be overshadowed by a 60 dollar six-month gold increase. As an Xbox fan, even I can't defend or comprehend this crap.

potatoseal83d ago

You guys need to band together and speak up. Crazy price increase. Kind of scary in a way.

SegaGamer83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

What idiot has been paying the standard rate for Xbox Live anyway? Anybody paying for Xbox Live or Game Pass should know by now that you can pay less than £10 a year for all of this.

During every big sale, Microsoft puts a month of Xbox Live Gold / Game Pass Ultimate on sale for £1. So that is spring, summer, black friday and the holiday sale, and the holiday sale is always 3 months for £1. So nobody should be paying anymore than £4 for 6 months of Xbox Live. Add Microsoft Rewards onto this and you don't need to pay a penny for the rest of the year.

Rocosaurus83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Why? Just get GP instead. It doesn't make any sense to own an xbox without GP by now.

Gaming4Life198183d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I completely disagree with xbl going $60 for 6 months for users with no subscription yet, if you are already a member your renewal price doesnt change.

I also want to point out that if anyone is paying full price for psn or xbl then they need to smarten up. Both psn and xbl go on sale constantly so everyone that is paying full price is wasting money. If you own a xbox and are not a gamepass subscriber then i dont know wtf your doing.

I was lucky that i had 3 years of xbl stacked and got gamepass for a $1 and that converted my 3 years xbl to 3 years gamepass ultimate so im good.

Zeref83d ago

We are speaking up, just look at Xbox influencers on social media. Literally no one is defending this crap.

That's the difference between Xbox fans and Playstation fans. We call out Xbox when they deserve to be called out. Playstation fanboys will defend anything Sony does.

Jericho133783d ago

Trust you to be piping up about this. Yeah it sucks for gold subscribers, but if you’re not already a gamepass ultimate subscriber on Xbox at this point then I’m not sure why you’ve got one.

RazzerRedux83d ago (Edited 83d ago )


You are one of the biggest Microsoft defenders on the planet. Hell...even now you are making this more about about "PlayStation fans" than you are calling out Microsoft.

So cut the bullshit. You are not fooling anyone.


"if you’re not already a gamepass ultimate subscriber on Xbox at this point then I’m not sure why you’ve got one."

What is this nonsense that everyone should want/have Game Pass? There are plenty of gamers out there who only play one or two online games every year and that is all they play. Game Pass does nothing for them and it makes no sense to pay $180 for Game Pass Ultimate just for online over the standard Gold.

PS-Gamer-198682d ago (Edited 82d ago )


"Playstation fanboys will defend anything Sony does."

Lol let's be real, nobody can take anyone serious, who is still supports and defends xbox after almost a decade of lackluster offerings, deceiving hyperbole bs pr, fake consumer friendlyness and smear campaigns to trying to force their agendas on their competition

Sony also had its fumbles now and then but they are killing it in an area gamers care most about, the games. And that is why they might get away with other things. If they were constantly and utterly failing like ms for years, things would be way different. Now you might say it would not but to prove this, playstation would have to become a complete failure similar to xbox. ;-)

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DJStotty83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

$1 per month

or $5 for every 3 months.

Where have you seen the $60 increase for 6 months?

All in all not a major increase, and this is only for xbox live gold, all this will do is make xbox gamepass Ultimate more attractive to subscribe to.

"Longer-term subscriptions – the six- and 12-month options – will also receive prices increases, though existing subscribers will not be hit by them, and will be able to renew at the old price."

Majin-vegeta83d ago

Pretty sure hes saying.The 6 month $60 price tag kills the hype.Not that it will increase by $60

potatoseal83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Defense Force: Activate

Trust you to try and spin this. The unbiased Xbox fans are upset over this. But you? Oh you're totally fine with it. MS can do no wrong. This is actually obvious coming from you.

If you buy a Series X and have no interest in GamePass. That is $120 per year to play online. PS Plus is $60. Not to mention that FACT that Free-to-Play games are behind that PayWall. Talk about anti-consumer.

Fortnite on Playstation: free to play
Fortnite on Microsoft Windows: free to play
Fortnite on Nintendo Switch: free to play
Fortnite on Xbox: $120/year

RazzerRedux83d ago

"Where have you seen the $60 increase for 6 months?"

It used to be $60 for 12 months. Now it is $60 for 6. From your article:

"That will mean that one month will cost $10.99, three months will cost $29.99, and six months will cost $59.99."

ocelot0783d ago

I agree I believe they are doing this to make gamepass ultimate attractive. But once they have you hooked on gp ultimate. Then no doubt they will raise the price of that service as well.

This is why I don't buy into Xbox. Or gamepass only do it when it's £1 a month or £1 for 3 months.

elazz83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Feel free to teach all parents and kids how they can play Fortnite on Xbox for that cheap without it sounding suspicious. A better option is to play that game on PC / PS next time.

Also if Microsoft is starting to increase these prices I'm sure it will continue all over the world.
The 60USD is the official price in the USA btw for 6 months. In Europe it will be 48 euros for 6 months.

DJStotty80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Xbox have discontinued the 12 month membership, this happened a while back.

I do not know the "current" pricing of the US/Canada subscriptions, nor the future. I simply looked for an article about the new "hike" in price, and posted it.

6 month in the US is $39.99, so the increase would have been $20.00 (not 100%, but a sharp increase anyway) and the 12 month is $59.99 currently (discontinued).

I am in no way defending these actions and they look like they have been subsequently reversed.

Like i previously said, not a major increase (for me personally) might be for other people, i do not sub to gold on its own, i have gamepass Ultimate.

"Pretty sure hes saying.The 6 month $60 price tag kills the hype.Not that it will increase by $60"

No, that is how he worded it "overshadowed by a 60 dollar six-month gold increase."

It is a 20 dollar six-month gold increase.


"Trust you to try and spin this." Pretty sure you told me you were blocking me?

Where did i say i was fine with it?

In response to "If you buy a Series X and have no interest in GamePass. That is $120 per year to play online."

Like i stated above "all this will do is make xbox gamepass Ultimate more attractive to subscribe to."

"Fortnite on Xbox: $120/year"

Not any more :-

Fortnite on xbox - free


Yeah, it is still $60 for 12 months, and $40 for 6 but these cards will only be in limited supply as they have discontinued the 12 months on

This is after another U-turn though as it seems the xbox fanbase have made them aware.

Again, i was not defending, nor attempting to justify the increase, simply omitting the 12 month membership, as as soon as they are bought up, without any increase at all, US gamers will still need to pay $80 per year to play online.

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Profchaos83d ago

It's that a typo that's a huge increase

Killer73nova83d ago

The only way this can be somewhat understandable would be if gamepass was just apart of gold rather then gamepass having gold.

georeo83d ago

You can say that again.

CrimsonWing6983d ago

What’s weird is I was reading that if you currently have a subscription it stays at $60. I honestly don’t understand why, especially given this point in time, they decided to raise the price by double.

annoyedgamer82d ago

Get a PC. Thats what I did.

chiefJohn11782d ago (Edited 82d ago )

They should've raised the price of Gamepass not gold. Just a stupid decision on their end

SmokinAces82d ago

They raised the price of Gold to push people toward gamepass and then they will increase the price of gamepass eventually too.

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phoenixwing83d ago

i'm so glad i own a gaming pc and don't have to deal with subs from sony or microsoft

execution1783d ago

First good month for gwg in like 3 years?

AnotherGamer83d ago

Really bad timing with the price increase.

Games1st82d ago

Like price increase = better games?

Stanjara83d ago

Gold games are free...but somehow when you increase the price of subscription they get better.

That increase is ridiculous btw.

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