The divine inspired comedy/dark JRPG “Nadir” has just been announced for PC and the Nintendo Switch

"The Poland-based indie games studio Shockwork Games (creators of critically-acclaimed "Alder's Blood") are today very excited and proud to announce that they are developing a brand-new game called "Nadir" (which is a divine inspired comedy/dark JRPG) for PC (Steam and GOG) and the Nintendo Switch." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

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Magog82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

It's not a JRPG if it's made In Poland. It also has a Playstation logo on the trailer.

TGG_overlord82d ago

So what? Ton's of JRPG inspired RPG's from the West has been made in the last 20-years or so ("Silver" is one of the oldest examples of this). Yes, because there are plans for an Xbox and Playstation release as well. However, nothing is set in stone just yet.

Nikodemsky82d ago

You do realize what "j" stands for in jRPG, right? It might be jrpg-like, but no jrpg per se.

TGG_overlord82d ago

"You do realize what "j" stands for in jRPG, right? It might be jrpg-like, but no jrpg per se."

- It's JRPG inspired and JRPG-like, yes. No, I have no idea what the "J" stands for in JRPG after been playing video games since the late 80s, working in video game/tech retail for +10-years, and writing about video games since the 90s. So, please inform me what the "J" stands for in JRPG.

smashman9882d ago

Achievement Unlocked - Clearly be sarcastic on the Internet -100 G

Nikodemsky82d ago

You write about video games since 90s and still you make such simple mistakes :) We can play sarcastic ass*oles whole day long, that was not my intent.

It's a bit clinging to terminology, but at the same time for some people it's actually important - RPG's made in japan have it's own cultural difference(in positive sense of this term) and way of design, so if this specific game is made outside of japan or it not comes from japanese, it might be inspired by those games, have similiar mechanics, narrative and many other things, but it will still feel somewhat different.

Polish already made jrpg inspired games like Regalia, but by the definition it's nor jrpg, that's all what i am talking about.