Resident Evil 8 Demo Runs at Native 4K and 60 FPS On PS5 With Ray-Tracing

Resident Evil 8 demo shows a promising start for Capcom's latest game on the PS5. It runs at native 4K at 60 FPS with the addition of ray-tracing.

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potatoseal40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Wow. There was the supposed 'insider' that was saying that developers were having such a hard time running the Resident Evil 8 game on the PS5 console. That they were struggling. That the hardware was holding them back. What total BS. So much fud being spread about the PS5. It was like it was a disinformation campaign at times. Spreading false rumors about the PS5 constantly before it launched.

Just google it and you'll find countless more.

The only positive to come out of this is that the 'insider' will never be listened to again.

Few frame drops at times, but I'm sure they will add more patches for launch and after. Optimizing it more and more. Overall the performance is great.

RaidenBlack40d ago

Now just imagine,
PS4 & XBOne versions were also announced.

HusbandAndWifeGaming40d ago

Same engine as RE7. It will run just fine but at lower res and without Ray tracing.

RaidenBlack40d ago

Yeah, exactly!

40d ago
Binarycode39d ago

Also zx spectrum versions. Running at 256x192 using 8 colors, ray-tracing was tested but cut the fps to 0.1fps in most area's./s

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Majin-vegeta40d ago

That rumor was debunked a few days after it was made.He was basically salty cuz of bad Xbox news.

potatoseal40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Didn't stop all the gutter trash gaming websites reporting on it. Didn't stop all the youtubers getting clicks off it.

A Lie can travel half way around the world, while the Truth is just putting it's shoes on.

But I also remember, that Dusk guy defending himself on twitter. He was saying, "Look it's what I have heard. It's true" and shit like that. It doesn't matter. He was part of the misinformation campaign against the PS5. Just a cog in the whole shit machine.

Ashunderfire8640d ago

No he was debunked months ago lol! Like in the summer time ago.

39d ago
Father__Merrin40d ago

"According to a reliable industry source, Resident Evil 8 can't run properly on PlayStation 5 at 1080p 60fps"

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

That insider was just looking for attention. He was outed on resetera by an actual Sony developer and I believe he's been banned. DuskGolem

blackblades40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Reminds of that certain person that was leader of the U.S. some days ago. Ms and gang reminds me of a certain group pf leaders in the country.

Fluttershy7740d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Just Google it and you can you can find anything. I mean look at the "sites" you post, first time I've heard of them

WelkinCole40d ago

I think it was the old gen versions that they had issues with. Why they are not doing those anymore which is the right move

Thatgrammar39d ago

Resident Evil 8 is on PS4 and PS5 according to Capcom. What are you talking about?

Lilrizky40d ago

He also said it was having troubles during development but it's ok likely it'll be polished. This is also a demo not in the game. For all you know the actual game could have more drops because they're open areas.

I listen to him. He leaked monster Hunter rise and the fact it was being made on the RE engine. He also said RE8 is cross gen which we just found out as true And the shenmue anime which was oddly specific.

potatoseal40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

"This is also a demo not in the game"

In the stream the dev said what you see in the demo you can also expect the same quality in the game. So you're wrong and the game is months away. For all you know they could optimize and polish it even more in the following months.

"I listen to him."

Well maybe you should stop listening to him. Apparently, he has stopped trying to be an 'insider' anymore.

MADGameR40d ago

The X Box cappin crowd is taking more Ls by the day.

DrKeo39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

But it is having trouble, it's running at non-native reconstructed 4K and it's having a hard time maintaining 60FPS in an inside environment with no enemies or real interaction.

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HusbandAndWifeGaming40d ago

Goes to show the hitman devs did a terrible job with their PS5 port.

waverider40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

They didnt. The game runs at locked 6o frames. The Series X run at 4k, but there are already video showing the game droping into 39 frames and with average of low 40 frames, while the PS5 runs at locked 60 frames. DF.... huge diference.

Silly gameAr40d ago


But, you won't hear much about that. Like everything else with Playstation, they'll just ignore it and act like it doesn't exist.

Neonridr40d ago

that's not true, there is one instance in a level where the frame dips. It runs locked the rest of the time at native 4k. Don't spread misinformation please.

potatoseal40d ago

@ Neon..

DF don't check the whole game. They choose a slice of gameplay and test them. They don't test the whole game. So there might well be instances of what the OP is talking about.

SlothLordPootus40d ago

The video showing the low frame rate (besides in the one area shown in SF video) was debunked by John Linneman on Twitter.

There have been reports of glitches in the XSX version with reflections, however.

StormSnooper40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Wow if true DF is REALLY dropping the ball with their pro Xbox bias.

But they do act like they checked the whole game.

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Ryuk_200740d ago

Did you even watch the video? The framerate even dropped to 5fps and barely stayed at 60

RaidenBlack40d ago

Lets wait till the game launches.
There are open village sections in the game too.

Aussieguy40d ago

They sure did . Did you also know the game on the xbox 1 X runs quite poorly compared to the ps4 pro version ?

This is why I dont think the Hitman devs are a good guide of the power of the ps5, just doesnt add up for all the versions of that game.

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TheTony31640d ago

But that insider told me the PS5 struggles to maintain 1440p!

JEECE40d ago

Well it's really a PS4 game, so it better run at 60 fps 4k on PS5.

BenRC0140d ago

Do games need to look better than GoT, tlou2 or re7? Up the resolution, framerate and add RT and it'll look stunning

potatoseal40d ago

Have you played Demon's Souls on PS5?

I don't think so, if you had, then you would not be saying that.

JEECE40d ago

Games don't "need" to exist at all. But yes, I obviously I want games to look better than they did on an old console last year, and games that are designed for an old system and slightly updated for a new one are not going to look as good as games designed from the ground up for the better hardware.

It's especially frustrating when it's being held back without good reason. By May, the type of person who buys RE games in the launch window will have already gotten a PS5.

Zool 0840d ago

You're one of those but but but, PS5 on fire, PS5 can't do ray tracing, only 9 tflops (less as soon as you put the disc in), now only a PS4 game. What Next?

JEECE40d ago

Umm no. The only thing I am is mad that devs keep limiting PS5 games by making them cross gen, even though people stop buying non-casual titles on old hardware once new systems are out. So if devs are going to limit their games by designing them for PS4, then yes, I absolutely want them to run at flawless 60 fps 4k on PS5, because there are no excuses at that point.

Btw, PS5 is over 10 tflops (not that tflops are everything, as we've learned from PS5 games often looking and running better than SX versions). I don't even know what you are talking about with the PS5 on fire or lower tflops when you put the disc in stuff, unless you are just making fun of the stuff Xbox apologists make up.

Destiny108039d ago

you have to understand, design limits have been in games for the last 20+ years, suddenly the sky is the limit

i don't think developers will be taking advantage of the PS5 for a very long time, it will be an interesting generation for sure

dRanzer40d ago

Well it's not exactly 60fps mind you but i believe the final product will deliver most of it