PlayStation on Blast Episode 60

Host DLB, MikeDemo1, SilverK9, and Hoodnerd discuss:

•This weeks top news
•The Amazon Top Ten
•PlayStation Home's Future
•Sony's plans for 2009
•And a lot more

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panasonic233698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

why is this ps3 fanboy sh*t in the 360 section

koston36473698d ago

DLB is the best
he puts all his time into website and show
he shows nothing but love for his fans
no one asked him to do all that he's done so if you dont like him chill out

hOoDnErD3698d ago

cuz its talks about video games and not just PS3, smart guy!! ;)

panasonic233698d ago

DLb is a sonyfanboy look at all his youtube vids all he talk about is ps3 and diss 360 so why the fvck this sonyfan sh*t doing in the 360

hOoDnErD3698d ago

tru, he does love some PS3...but is there anything wrong with liking a system?? No! Besides, we've been playing alot more 360 since L4D and Gears 2 came out. But the podcast and the site deal with all gaming as a whole...not just PS3! Thats why its on the 360 page ;)

panasonic233698d ago

well i guest u are right my bad