Resident Evil 7 Update 1.08 Out Today, Here's What Is Included

Capcom has updated Resident Evil 7 and its Gold Edition to a new version today on January 21. This update doesn't appear to add any new features.

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SullysCigar42d ago

Still hoping for a PS5 patch for PSVR. I realise they likely won't do this until PSVR2 now, but that game feels like it was MEANT to be in VR and it could handle a little more horsepower. It's already one of the best gaming experiences of the generation.

Mr Logic40d ago

I still don't understand how that works. Devs are able to take advantage of PS5 power (Blood & Truth), but PS5 doesn't natively support PSVR. So is that part of the PS4 SDK?

Dfooster39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Psvr is a generational peripheral for the ps4 and ps4 pro. Even though it works with ps5 sony won't allow additional perks to ps5 users beyond a slight performance boost and ps5 only games won't feature

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CrimsonWing6940d ago

Um, you don’t need a patch. PS4 games work on PS5 and so does PSVR, you just need Sony to send the adapter for free when you give them the PSVR serial number.

Tacoboto40d ago

He means that PS5 native games can't support PSVR. Hitman 3 for example - you can only play on PSVR through the PS4 version of the game

Neonridr40d ago

He's saying that devs can utilize the added power of the PS5 to run the games in higher resolution for example. Blood & Truth runs enhanced when used in a PS5 in conjunction with PSVR.

Profchaos40d ago

Easily my best gaming experience was being tormented by Jack in VR.

I'll be passing on village despite being a early ps5 adopter purely because there isn't a VR mode. I hope it comes eventually but until a actual psvr2 is announced I can't see it happening

mkis00740d ago

Just saw a rumor saying that the RE8 VR mode is being held back for PSVR 2 launch, didn't look into it so it may be nothing.

SullysCigar40d ago

^ I heard something similar a while back. They said the VR reveal was being held back "until Sony was ready", which many (including me) took to suggest Sony will have exclusivity on the VR again. Possibly timed exclusive - I don't care exclusive or not, I'm just excited at the prospect of what can be achieved with PSVR2 and PS5, because RE7 on PSVR blew me away!

NecrumOddBoy40d ago

- Product information added

A whole article for this?

Orchard40d ago

This should be the top comment. This article is BS and total clickbait. I was hoping for a next-gen upgrade but this update doesn't even deserve patch notes.

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Aussiesummer40d ago

Come one with psvr 2 already....and new bloody controllers!

Omegasyde40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

More market saturation is needed before we see the added peripherals added and true ps5 exclusive games.

Same goes goes for Xbox. Year 2 will be an excellent year for both.

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hiawa2339d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Not into VR but hoping for a PS5 update that will take advantage of the power increase of the console. Great game. This one is on my many PS4 unfinished list.