Resident Evil Village: Maiden Demo Gameplay

IGN writes, "Watch our full playthrough of the gameplay demo for Resident Evil Village, officially called The Maiden.
In this demo, you won't be fighting zombies or vampires, but instead traversing through a very cryptic war-torn castle, giving you a taste of some of the beautiful graphics and jump scares that Resident Evil 8 will have to offer."

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Nuvem36d ago

The demo was very impressive. Love the somber visuals and style.

rakentaja36d ago

Where the fck is action, shooting, zombies etc? another "walking around", "look for things to open the door" simluator?

Nuvem36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

lol you have no idea what RE is about. Go play Fortnite and COD.

rakentaja36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Before Warzone the last COD I played was Black Ops 1 (2010) and only for Single Player but never played Fortnite, my friend. Resident Evil can also be like RE4?, which we all know is the best RE, No??

Thundercat7736d ago

You clearly does not even know what a RE game is 😂. Go to your cave troll.

rakentaja36d ago

I know what RE4 is about but that's true, not about the rest...