1UP: Infamous Interview

1UP got to talk a bit with game director Nate Fox of Sucker Punch about the development of Infamous, and while they didn't straight out ask what's it like to go from a furry platformer to a real game, they did learn some interesting details, like what influence a real-world riot has over a superhero game and just where the heck did the idea for mind-reading electricity come from.

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TOO PAWNED3702d ago

that xbox Ngyen or what ever his surname is, really made a strech to make that interview a very long one. Reminds me of E3 on the spot presentation when that blond chick A)Didnt give a S..t and
B)Basically asked if it comes for 360

grantps33702d ago

this game looks just nervous if the powers are going to be varied. i mean how much can you do with electricity. but i probubly buy it, i want it to be good, they better not disapoint.

or something

callahan093702d ago

Don't listen to Sly detractors. I'm with you. We need a next-gen Sly game! The Sly series is just brimming with charming light-hearted fun, great open-ended stealth platforming, and gorgeous cell-shaded graphics, begging to be made for the PS3. If they announced a new Sly game, it'd immediately jump to the top of my most wanted list.

I fully expect disagrees from people who think it's "just for kiddies." Whatever.

chaosatom3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

because it might not sell well.

Shooters or action adventures do sell quite well, so they started doing that.

It's all about what the market whats right now. Ratchet for Example is a good Platformer, but people aren't willing to pay 60 bucks for it because they don't view that kind of game as AAA title, but they will pick it up when it drops in price.

Doctor Strange3702d ago

I think there is a lot you can do with electricity. What I hope they pull of is being able to ride the lightning for traveling purposes and attacks, thats super speed right there.

Sharpshell3702d ago

that insomniac, ND and sucker punch have all decided to make new IPs for the ps3 rather than jsut makes new instalments to old franchises. Although new IPs have a harder time selling, how many people are like, cool but I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT whatever whatever? But at the end of the day we benifit from devs pushing themselves to provide more

El_Colombiano3702d ago

Insominiac went from kiddy R&C to dark and gritty Resistance.

Naughty Dog went from younger oriented gameplay in Jak to action packed Uncharted.

These guys went from kiddy Sly to gritty Infamous.

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cmrbe3702d ago

A crime/mystery game, A cinimatic FPS, The greatest Action adventure game, A driving Sim and this game.

I honestly don't know if 2009 will ever be topped.

I am looking forward to this game as much as KZ2.

LarVanian3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

2001, 2003, 2004 and 2008 have been the best years in gaming for me.
I think 2009 will thrash all four of them however.
Lets not forget about multi-plats such as Resi 5, Bioshock 2 and Rage!

Cajun Chicken3702d ago

I quite liked 2007, Uncharted and R&C:Future...awesome.

Radiodread3702d ago

sly was OK. This game will blow it away with every aspect. Sly 4 is a kiddies game and I hope they devote their whole time to soon-to-be franchise. "How much can you do with electricity?" EVERYTHING haven't you seen the vids there are a lot of electricity-based powers that looks f'in sweet and better than anything comin out on 360. I'm with crmb, I'm as hyped for this game as KZ2. We don't need any more kiddie games there are enough comin out like ratchet and jak.

Rice3702d ago

Whats this? You can be good and evil,, Definite buy.

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