Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo Hands-On Impressions (PS5) - PlayStation Universe

Read our Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo PS5 hands-on impressions to find out why the full game is set to be a terrifying experience.

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masterfox37d ago

it has a pretty picture once go deeper into the demo, very detailed no doubt and it looks very nice running at 60 fps, the lightning effects reflecting all the shiny objects in some of the rooms are really eye-catching and very big nice looking chandelier, for the very small taste Capcom gave us I think it will be one crazy ride on this Horror/Dracula/ghosts f Jump scare gam... I mean Resident Evil Resident Evil game of course, definitely Resident Evil game, man that T-Virus it sure has evolve into something really really weird. lol.

KingofBandits36d ago

The village section looks to be the same from the early beta tests but the castle section looks to be redone in many ways. the creatures in the dungeon with the swords look more like zombies now, as in the original "Castle" beta they were greenish and more like imps/goblins

lazyboyblue36d ago

I'm never sure if I'm supposed to change the audio in options to headphones (that I'm wearing) or keep it to surround, to get the tempest chip benefits? I went with Headphones and virtual surround set to on.
Demo was ace.

HICK36d ago

I chose the same audio options as you and the sound was very good. A few times I wasn't sure if sounds were in my house on an upper floor or in-game. This quality of sound makes it way more immersive to me. Great demo!

lazyboyblue35d ago

Best sounding game I've ever heard.

KingofBandits36d ago

the demo was not scary at all. Just being honest. great overall art direction though, mostly awesome texture work. there were a few low res textures and some blocky geometry that seemed unnecessary. Overall it was just a few hallway/tunnel walks to show off the engine and drop some lore. I really appreciated the gothic architecture which Capcom always does a great job on. I still hope RE9 is more return to form and in 3rd person though

melons36d ago

give it a few years and you will have your Resi 7 and 8 remakes in third-person!

lazyboyblue35d ago

Glad I'm not such a brave man. I wouldn't enjoy it as much. Feel bad for you - it's part of the fun to be anxious about what's around every corner of the game.

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