Square Enix Trademarks Ever Crisis - But What Does It Mean?

Ever Crisis is one of three new trademarks with seeming links to Final Fantasy Vii, so what can we expect from the mysterious trademark?

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CrimsonWing6934d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I’m hoping it’s a port of the PSP game since I never got to play it and it’d be great to have added trophies. If it’s a mobile game, I’m out.

Seeing how it’s following the naming conventions of the compilation (AC, BC, CC, DC) titles it’s likely to be a new game. With FF16 and FF7 Remake in development I can’t see this being a AAA game. I actually feel like it’ll be a mobile game maybe a modern take on the Before Crisis format and not so much a typical mobile game? I hope I’m wrong though.

Kados34d ago

Hopefully a remake of Crisis Core for PS5, but i have serious doubts.