The Division 2 Celebrates Resident Evil 25th Anniversary with Cosmetics Crossover

The Division 2 is helping celebrate the 25th anniversary of the survival-horror classic, Resident Evil. Starting February 2, you can unlock special Resident Evil caches that contain themed cosmetic items, including outfits, weapon skins, individual vanity items; and also earn additional gameplay rewards, like backpack trophies.

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Duke1937d ago

Man the 27 people still playing this game are in for a cool event

CrimsonWing6937d ago

Lol, dang it, I was coming in here to say something snarky, too.

Darkborn37d ago

I'm pretty sure very soon with that star wars open world game being made from this studio, they will leave the barren wastes of the division 2 that they ruined.

Garethvk37d ago

That was a discussion ai had on radio. Some think the new game will not drop until 2023 which is when the EA exclusive deal was set to end. Others say they had thr exclusive tag removed early. Regardless they either split a team to make DLC, outsource, or hire more. With a Division movie coming to Netflix the question has to be asked about Division 3 in terms of when and who will be working on it.

Garethvk37d ago

I was playing today on PC and there were several people. They have the new Manhunt going on.

DaveZero37d ago

So many on xbox play it, I myself play every couple of days when I'm not playing conan exiles.

DaveZero37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

If only your words were not false, the game has alot players on it now still.

Christopher36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It's not that cool. More tedious. Played 5 of the missions last night. Managing masks doesn't make it more fun.

Edit: the R6S characters are just skins with some unique audio for your AI party otherwise everything else is just audio dialogue from various bivouac locations. Nothing really created other than three new skins and audio recordings.

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QuePasa8737d ago

I haven't played in forever, gotta get back in