Resident Evil Re:Verse Trailer Features Familiar Faces Fighting, Free Access With RE Village

Resident Evil Re:Verse announced by Capcom and it features familiar Resident Evil characters fighitng in iconic locations in the franchise.

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monkey60236d ago

It looks putrid haha nobody asked for this capcom

Tacoboto36d ago

No one's ever asked for RE MP. But they keep on trying to dish it out.

They couldn't even pick good players for the trailer either making it look worse. It was sad lol

iNcRiMiNaTi35d ago

Outbreak + Outbreak 2 was pretty good though not gonna lie.

potatoseal36d ago


I laughed when it first came on the stream. Like, how they're all just standing in the room shooting each other? Doesn't anyone want to hide behind some cover or something?

Tacoboto36d ago

Shooting toward* each other.
The aiming was all over the place!

-Foxtrot36d ago

25 Years of they celebrate it with an over the top multiplayer

Oh and for the 25th anniversary artwork, why Jack? Surely Wesker would have been a better choice

Nitrowolf236d ago

I feel like they cut this from 3 lol

this looks bad.

XxSPIDEYxX36d ago

God, this just looks terrible. Reminds me of RE 5 Vs mode, but uglier.

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The story is too old to be commented.