Resident Evil Village Gameplay Breaks Free and Looks Terrifying

Capcom has released our first-ever look at Resident Evil Village gameplay! Check out the footage now to see the horror that awaits.

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Sonic-and-Crash36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Resident Evil is officially dead (was mortally wounded since RE7 but that sign of life from RE2 Remake kept me believing is not over yet ) ...this game is smhting else , it is one completely different type of game (which i dont deny may be good for what it wants to be ) ... but REvil is Not...

Hamzilla7736d ago

It should be its OWN RE series... a FPS style one... in the regular series they should have kept it 3RD person like RE2 Remake...

RememberThe35736d ago

Or the RE3 remake? Or the RE4 remake? We're getting the best of both worlds, why whine about that? Capcom went from shovelware to once again one of, if the the most, consistent publishers out here. 5 and 6 were fkn action games, they clearly lost their way, but with 7 and now 8 the horror is back. I'll take it.

-Foxtrot36d ago

It’s funny because if these were the spin off games with a new character for that series no one would care about the perspective change or new elements

I just don’t see why they didn’t make a Van Helsing like IP which isn’t restricted by the RE Universe / lore

XbladeTeddy36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

This IS Resident Evil. This is them evolving it into something and I think it's brilliant, and 7 was excellent. Resident Evil is about survival horror and this is exactly that.

Feel free to live in the past though.

ScootaKuH36d ago

But the Molded tho...they outstayed their welcome in RE7 big time. They are some of the most unimaginative enemy designs ever

CrimsonWing6936d ago

RE7 was the closest to classic Resident Evil game design. Yea it was a shift from third person perspective to first, but it’s by far more of a Resident Evil game in the traditional sense than 4-6.

anast36d ago

Exactly. I played RE:1 to death and 7 brought back similar feelings.

36d ago
CrimsonWing6936d ago


Are you having a rough day today?

Hamzilla7734d ago

I will have to agree with that as I did really enjoy 7 the most since 3..... And the demo of 8 was brilliant overall

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AnotherGamer35d ago

Wow, you really can't be serious lol. You really takes thing way too personal.

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Lexreborn236d ago

Live what they are doing with these RE games, they brought it back to feeling more personal in its fear vs a global impact with 7. And with VR it was amazing, I really hope that 8 gets VR support.

If they keep that feel then this game should be a great addition to the RE franchise. It’s possible it could definitively become a franchise that I personally feel is in my top greatest games.

potatoseal36d ago

Do you prefer the First-Person perpective?

Lexreborn236d ago

I like both, the First Person view in 7 was refreshing and fit the atmosphere. VR really have so much to it. I had been debating playing 7 again flat to see if I might like it in 8 in the event it doesn’t have VR.

potatoseal36d ago

This is looking good. A lot better than RE7

anast36d ago

It would cool if they made a Call of Cthulhu game. I think they would succeed where others have failed.

Silly gameAr36d ago

Ethan gets his ass kicked more than any Resident Evil protagonist in the history of Resident Evil.

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