Left 4 Dead is "Dastardly Directed": OTG Review

Only the Games writes: "If Half-Life and its sequel spelled the advent of the videogame sense of the cinematic, capturing the filmic while never using its exact form, then Left 4 Dead runs with developer Valve's legacy to uncultivated territory. On the surface it's what you've come to expect, with perfectly placed spectacle and the crescendos in pace to match. But Left 4 Dead also takes that cinematic inheritance a logical step further, by slyly inserting an omniscient Director who puppeteers and schemes to abash your foursome's every cooperative move."

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ZomgBox3696d ago

ZOMG This is indeed a great game.

PrimordialSoupBase3696d ago

Valve delivers as always... to 360 and PC.

RKRigney3696d ago

Unfortunate for the PS3, methinks.

Kriller3696d ago

I'm sure that EA wouldn't miss the chance to churn out a quick and hackneyed port.

RememberThe3573696d ago

The best written reviews on the net.

tinydancer3696d ago

waiting for "No, IGN is teh best!"... lol

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RKRigney3696d ago

Left 4 Dead is a fantastic game. No gamer should miss out a chance to play it.

Kriller3696d ago

Indeed. And it goes to show that they can keep up a single repertoire over crazily different types of game.

MountainMaverick3696d ago

Hopefully they'll update that engine EVENTUALLY, though. It works beautifully in L4D though.

El_Colombiano3696d ago

This was a great game. The co-op is so fun!

EastCoastSB3696d ago

Are you done playing with it already? lol

El_Colombiano3696d ago

Well. You get what I'm saying.