Destruction AllStars Introduces Characters in Action-Packed Trailer

Its release is now right around the corner, so a new Destruction AllStars trailer has just been released introducing the game's characters.

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locomorales37d ago

This game has all elements to be dead on arrival. Small installed base (Rocket League and Overwatch found 45mi (give or take) PS4 and Fall Guys 100mi), most of that base being made of enthusiasts (that don't like F2P model games), terrible, terrible marketing from Sony and an unknown studio.

Maybe I'm wrong but I can't see a long or bright life for this one.

potatoseal37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

IT don't need marketing. It's free on PS Plus, that's all the marketing you need. Everyone on PS5 is going to try this out.

If it's fun, it will be a raging success on PS Plus. If it's not fun, then it won't be. It's as simple as that.

Plus not to mention. You underestimate the power of the load time factor for the SSD. You can be on the PS5 menu, and start this game up and have a quick match in record time. That will be a big factor.

ALSO, I had no clue what Fall Guys or Rocket League even was before they were on PS Plus. Once they launched on PS Plus, the games hit the stratosphere.

Teflon0237d ago

It's a free game on PS Plus, Rocket League did the same and was fine, It literally did the best thing any mp focused game can do for success. They stopped advertisig because no point putting money into it when everyone will get for free on ps5 lol

StoneyYoshi37d ago

Hopefully since it's the PS+ Feb game for PS5, this might help it take off if its actually any good. Fall Guys was also on PS+ for free which is most likely the reason for a good chunk of the playerbase.

The studio is unknown because they used to be called Bizzarre creations who created Project Gotham Racing 1-4, Geometry wars, and most recently BLUR, and 007: Blood Stone most recently before changing to Lucid Games in 2011.

I do agree that the marketing for this game is horrible.(probably why they made it a PS+ game) The most information we got for this game is a blog post and still makes it tough to picture how the game will actually play. Since it's free I'm going to give it a try regardless and maybe it will become one of those sleeper hits. I think they should keep this on PS+ for a couple of months though so more people have a chance to secure the game for free since its so hard to score a PS5 right now.

Silly gameAr36d ago

I didn't know that. Blur was an awesome game, and I don't even play racing games that much.

Destiny108037d ago (Edited 37d ago )

why all the doom and gloom

if the game sucks, the game sucks, no amount of marketing is going to change that

Everyone already knows the game is coming to PS+ which is all the marketing they need

when sony made a deal with them, the game got delayed, so its probably a more polished game thanks to the PS+ deal

Jin_Sakai37d ago

Don’t really care for the character designs. Still going to try it out since it’s free of course.

LM121337d ago

i actually like it. it's not the same run of the mill characters. different body shapes. than what you get out of most games. it's a little different I can appreciate that. not all standard dude bros or shapely thots with super huge cleavage

SullysCigar37d ago

Rocket League got popular largely BECAUSE of PS Plus, so why can't this game benefit in a similar way?

Rocket League was a sequel to a game that was beloved by those comparatively few who even knew it existed. PS Plus is an awesome springboard if the game has what it takes, so we'll find out if Destruction Allstars does in due course - let's at least try it before we 'write it off'...!

Silly gameAr36d ago

Yeah, I think you're wrong on this boss. The game looks fun to me, and looks like it could be a hit. We'll just have to see when it drops.

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Terry_B37d ago

Its free..and I will still not play something like this. But maybe this style appeals to 12-15 year old kids?

potatoseal36d ago

It doesn't matter about the style. It's all about the gameplay and fun factor. If they can nail that, then the style means nothing.

Hikoran36d ago

Finally! Been waiting silently but hypedly? Waiting for this game. I'm not bothered about people's comments, it's going to be fun. That's what it's about right?