Razer Reveals The Return Of The Naga X

For MMO fans this is one mouse you cannot beat. Razer reveals that the most successful MMO mouse lineup returns with the Razer Naga X.

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RazzerRedux43d ago

You've got to have some damn good muscle memory to use all those buttons accurately.

yeahokwhatever43d ago

16 buttons..thats like a controller.

yeahokwhatever43d ago

keyboards have like, 100+. what ya talkin bout?

Garethvk43d ago

It is too many for me to want to deal with.

rdgneoz343d ago

The original was fun when it released for MMOs like WoW. As for being a lot of buttons, made things easier instead of having do finger aerobics for alt/shift/ctrl + random button for various abilities.

porkChop43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Yeah. I use the Naga Trinity with the 7 buttons in a circle. That's more than enough for me, and easy to remember because of the placement. I could never use any of these 12+ button MMO mice.

RazzerRedux43d ago

My Corsair m65 has exactly ONE additional button on the side for sniping. That's about all I can do.


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Anomander43d ago

Perfect for fortnite and all the dance moves! /Heavy Sarcasm